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History & Culture

History & Culture

The Highland region enjoys a colourful past, a strong heritage and a thriving cultural scene. Its people, history, music, artwork, clothing, food and of course, drink, are well known and celebrated across the world.

Up until the late 18th century, the area was far more densely populated than it is now. Politics, economics and social upheaval resulted in the infamous and devastating Highland Clearances, during which the population was massively reduced to make way for huge commercial sheep flocks. During the Highland Clearances, and for decades after, millions of Highlanders emigrated to Canada and the US where many famous Scottish family names have continued to this day.

The region was considered a remote, derelict and backward corner of the UK until the arrival of the railways and the invention of holidays during the industrial revolution. From then on the Highlands have cultivated an excellent reputation and a sporting playground and natural retreat. With hundreds of attractions and things to do, the Highland area is the perfect place to rest and play and explore and discover.