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The Highland region is home to some of the most impressive wildlife hotspots in the UK. Inhabited by less than 200,000 people, the vast majority of its landscape remains the domain of the birds and the beasts. Its wide range of altitudes and climates provides diverse wild habitats and a dynamic contrast of flora and fauna, filling the seasons with colour.

Majestic golden eagles roam the skies, and Eagle Brae is just three miles from the nearest eyrie. Other rare species such as the Scottish crossbill, red squirrels and pinemartens forage freely on Eagle Brae’s doorstep at Strathglass, and large herds of red deer on the hills above regularly venture down to the log home village in the evenings.

Rare flora is also present, including the delicate one flowered wintergreen, which has several healthy strongholds in Strathfarrar, just a couple of miles from Eagle Brae.

Mushrooms are also in abundance during summer and autumn months, with plentiful stocks of Chantarelles, Birch Boletus, Ceps, Slippery Jacks, Peppery Boletus and Cauliflower fungus for those with the gatherer knowledge and culinary acumen.