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Biomass Pellet Burners

Biomass Pellet Burners

Each cabin is installed with its own wood pellet burner. It had been our intention to install a centralised wood chip burner using our own poor grade timber, but the costs involved with piping the water around a 1 mile loop became impossible.

The pellet burners however, are more efficient than the wood chip boilers, so efficient that we only need to clean the ash pan in each cabin’s pellet burner twice a year. This is because the almost 100% combustion levels leave next to no residue in the ash pan. They do need to be filled up regularly, and we will do this for you unless any guests wish to get hands on and do it for themselves! If so please let us know.

The pellets are produced locally in the Highlands so the fuel miles are very low. They are made from incredibly fine wood dust which, using the right humidity, are packed into dense pellets which look a bit like pet food.  A small hopper feeds each pellet burner at each cabin -please ask if you wish to take a look.