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Eagle Brae Carbon Payback Scheme

Eagle Brae Carbon Payback Scheme

Whilst the accommodation itself at Eagle Brae is essentially carbon neutral, we recognise that guests are likely to make a carbon positive journey to and from Eagle Brae.

To help compensate for the effects of this journey, we offer guests the option to plant a tree near the Eagle Brae village. We rear all trees from seed at our Eagle Brae tree nursery. Each tree will be planted with a numbered stake, and the name of the planter will be recorded against the number on our website log.

Guests can come back in later years to check on the growth of the tree they planted. Some trees need to be planted with a fenced cage around them to protect them from deer, whilst others can be planted in enclosures which are already protected. In the natural woodland areas we only plant indigenous species, but in more lowland areas where there are already numerous foreign species we can also plant non-native species which complement the location and the wildlife.

Trees usually available for planting include wych elm, oak, silver birch, rowan, ash, Norway maple, beech, Himalayan blue pine, Scots pine, sycamore, horse chestnut, cherry, whitebeam and alder.