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Inspired by Nature

Eagle Brae Highland Log Cabins

Perched atop a magnificent hill overlooking the glen below, each and every one of our beautiful Highland log cabins is sustainable and lovingly hand made. Hand carved Himalayan wood carvings adorn the interior, while giant red cedar logs sustainably sourced from British Columbia seamlessly blend into the surrounding wilderness. Built with the environment in mind, grass insulated roofs and eco-friendly wood burners only add to the unique charm that is Eagle Brae.

In The Heart of the Highlands

Eco-Friendly Luxury Log Cabins in Scotland

Committed to preserving the environment, all of our log cabins have been given names from nature. Named after the beautiful birds we love, their individual characteristics and delightful quirks have found their way into the hearts of our guests time and time again. And since we never compromise on the comfort of our guests, nothing at Eagle Brae is mass-produced.

The same loving care and attention fills every space. Modern appliances, complimentary Wi-Fi, family areas and a dedicated office space ensure our guests want for nothing from the moment they arrive.

Pet-Friendly Accommodation

We welcome dogs to all 10 of our Highland log cabins, so the whole family can come along.