IMPORTANT NOTICE! We are currently building 3 new cabins May to Nov 2018 offering a 20% discount during this period. Click here for details

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New Log Cabins in 2018

Three New Log Cabins in Scotland

The very exciting news is we will be building 3 new cabins in 2018. To compliment our 7 current log cabins in Scotland that sleep either 2 persons or up to 6 persons, these new cabins will be 4 person capacity. The new cabins will additionally each have a sauna and the bedrooms will have French windows to enjoy the fantastic views from the cosy safety of your duvet!

The 2018 calendar year will be impacted in the following way:


January to March

Open as normal.



Completely closed for one month during the log set whilst the crane is on site.


May to November

Open with 20% discounted rates in recognition of minimal amount of construction disturbance.


December 2018 onwards

Open as normal.

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Minimising Any Disturbance

The aim is to build the 3 new cabins with the minimum disturbance to staying guests. The following measures will be undertaken to minimise any construction disturbance to guests staying during this period:


  • Tradesmen to work 10 am to 6 pm rather than 9 am to 5 pm to minimise any morning noise.
  • All three new cabin sites to have heras fencing perimeters with custom screen printed fabric to help blend cabin work sites into the surroundings.
  • Material stores, skips and tradesmen amenities to be located within each new cabin site to minimise tradesmen journeys between new cabin sites.

Discounted Breaks While We Work

One of Eagle Brae’s defining features is the generous distance between the cabins so we don’t expect the construction of the three new cabins to have a big impact on guests staying in the other cabins, especially as most guests tend to go out during the daytime in the summer months whilst the tradesmen will be working.

That said, there will be a minimal level of disturbance and our wilderness charm will no doubt be slightly compromised by the construction activity. For this reason, in recognition of this minimal level of disturbance, we are offering a 20% discount on all bookings staying between May and November 2018. If you book between May and November 2018 this discount will be automatically applied to your booking as a ‘Seasonal discount’.

We hope to continue welcoming guests to our log cabins in Scotland throughout this period and thank you all for your understanding during this exciting new phase at Eagle Brae.