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Eco-Friendly Facts You Didn’t Know About Eagle Brae

Date published: 27/7/2015

Eco-Friendly Holidays at Eagle Brae

While you may well be aware of the magnificent log homes of Eagle Brae, you probably didn’t know we offer sustainable, eco-friendly holidays. So, here are some facts about our Highland Hideaway and how we like to work with nature, not against it.

Micro-Hydro Scheme

One of the most impressive eco-friendly features of Eagle Brae is the 75kW turbine. This is part of the micro-hydro scheme. The scheme works via the local water reservoir. But fear not fish lovers, we have liaised extensively with the local fishery board to ensure no fish are harmed in the generation of power for our log cabins.

Buteo log cabin and Eagle Brae reception on a nice evening

Tree Planting

Of course, an eco-friendly establishment would not be complete without some tree planting. And that’s exactly the case with Eagle Brae. We recognise that our guests are not quite as eco-friendly as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. So to account for this, every visitor to Eagle Brae has the opportunity to plant a tree. There’s a huge variety of trees to choose from – Elm, Oak, Himalayan Blue Pine, Scots Pine, Horse Chestnut. The list goes on! These trees will last a lifetime so when you return for your next visit, you can take a look at that tree you planted and see its growth!

Turf Roofs

A stunning sunset outside our Parus cabin on a summers evening

Another modest eco-friendly advantage of Eagle Brae is the turf roofs on the cabins. Mike Spencer-Nairn, founder of Eagle Brae said: “These roofs not only consume carbon but also provide superb insulation to save energy.”

So you can rest easy knowing you’ll be saving energy without even knowing it.

Total Energy Saved

You may be wondering “So, exactly how much energy has Eagle Brae saved?” Well, good question. We have generated just over 500,000 kW of hydroelectricity and exported approximately 375,000 kW – a whopping saving on importing carbon-heavy energy. Not only this, but in terms of biomass Eagle Brae has also produced and used over 200,000 kW of heat energy by renewable means. By our estimated calculations, we understand that this is enough to power 10 power-hungry American homes at once.

Log cabin at Eagle Brae

Future Plans

Eagle Brae has ambitious future plans for growth, one of which involves everyone’s favourite biological material; biomass! Exciting times are ahead, as Eagle Brae gets ready to construct a hot spring, heated by biomass, which, when complete will be the size of a swimming pool, bubbling with lovely hot tub temperatures.