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Autumn Wildlife Spotting in the Scottish Highlands

Date published: 14/9/2017

September is officially the start of autumn in Scotland. And as we say goodbye to the long summer days and welcome a slight chill in the air, the lure of curling up in front of a roaring fire with a warm cup of something and hibernating until the frosty months pass is hard to resist. But here at Eagle Brae, it is well worth putting on a few extra layers and heading outdoors to see some of the spectacular autumn wildlife the Scottish Highlands has to offer.

1. The Annual Stag Rut

When it comes to autumn wildlife holidays in the Scottish Highlands, the annual stag-rutting season is a magnificent sight to behold. Every autumn, the stags around Eagle Brae lock horns (quite literally) in a dramatic battle of dominance to win the hearts of local female deer. And since we have large herds of deer that roam freely throughout Eagle Brae and the surrounding Highlands, the sound of stags battling it out in a noisy display of wildlife chivalry can be heard at the end of September and during the first few weeks of October from the safety of our log cabins.

2. The Peregrine Falcon

There’s no denying autumn in the Scottish Highlands is a birdwatcher’s paradise. While these plucky birds can be seen throughout the year, as the vegetation dies back and the leaves begin to fall, spotting birds of prey (or any bird for that matter) is a lot easier in the autumn and winter months. And while the rutting red deer may be one of the most famous autumn wildlife events in Scotland, the Peregrine Falcon’s hunting methods are a marvel all their own. They can reach speeds of 200 miles an hour while diving down on prey, plucking unsuspecting victims straight out of the air.

3. Red Squirrels

Perhaps one of our favourite things about autumn wildlife holidays in the Scottish Highlands is that September is also the month when the hedgerows and trees are laden with berries. Which means spotting ground foraging birds and wildlife is easiest this time of year. And as hibernating friends of the forest start stocking up for the long winter months, Red Squirrels go into overdrive finding seeds and nuts to store for the winter.

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