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Dog Sledding In Scotland: Barking Up The Right Tree

Date published: 11/11/2015

When it comes to things to do in the Highlands during winter, it’s a dog eat-eat-dog world. As we head into the colder months, it get’s harder and harder to find things to do that don’t involve roaring fires, heated blankets or your mother’s hot, hearty, home-made soup. As most outdoor activities close shop for the winter, more often than not, the adventurer in you is left out in the cold. So when someone suggests you go “dog sledding” to satisfy your outdoor cravings, you probably assume they mean mushing in Alaska. The last thing on your mind is dog sledding in Scotland.

But what you probably didn’t know is that dog sledding in Scotland has been around for quite some time. Maybe not from the time the Vikings stormed our shores, but certainly long enough to have a national association created for the sport. What with our chilly climate, wild wilderness and insatiable love for man’s best friend, dog sledding in Scotland was like adding bacon to a cheeseburger … inevitable.

Every Dog Has His Day

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This year, Eagle Brae will be playing host to the Sled Dog Association of Scotland (SDAS). From the 21st till the 22nd of November, over 120 teams will battle it out round our own purpose-built dog-sled track in the 25th annual SDAS qualifying race for the International Federation of Sled Dog Sports. Bound for glory, the race will be open to SDAS members and non-members alike, giving teams from the UK and abroad the opportunity to qualify for the British Sled Dog Sports Federation’s European Championship Dryland Event in Thetford, England next year.

Giving You Paws For Thought

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Maintaining the high standards of dog sledding in Scotland, our beautiful three mile, all-grass trail has been carefully adapted for canine paws. “We have spent many weeks working on the course and choosing the route, to make sure it delivers an interesting and captivating trail. Although the course is flat it offers a few challenges for the teams with twists, turns and a small bridge crossing, which will be enjoyable both for the dogs and handlers. With Eagle Brae’s stunning landscape, spectators can watch the action packed races unfold across the open trail from their log cabin on site; the location is just marvellous,” explains race organisers, Tobias Leask and Rob Morley of Leask Racing Sled Dogs.

So the next time winter leaves you high and dry or at a loss for things to do once winter sets in, head on down to the Highlands and enjoy some action-packed, fast-paced, need-for-speed dog sledding in Scotland. Better yet, catch all the action live this November.