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Dog Sledding

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Dog Sledding

We love winter in the Highlands. As the temperature drops and the fires are lit, a few adventure-seeking guests brave the freezing winter weather for a Highland experience like no other – dog sledding in Scotland. A favourite winter-time activity here in the Scottish Highlands, dog sledding has been gaining in popularity in leaps and bounds for as long as we can remember. And like everything we do at Eagle Brae, our guided dog sledding trips are designed to offer that unique Highland holiday experience you won’t find anywhere else.

The Meet And Greet

Date published: 24/1/2017

Before embarking on the dog sledding adventure of a lifetime, you will receive a proper introduction into dog sledding in Scotland, as well as the lovable pooches that make it possible here at Eagle Brae. After meeting the dogs, you will learn everything you need to know about dog sledding at Eagle Brae. Things like how the dogs are harnessed to the rig/sled, how to control the dogs during your sledding expedition, and a few key dog sledding terms to help you control the dogs.

Mushing Through Eagle Brae, On A Husky/Hound Open Sleigh

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Once you have got the hang of the basics, it is time to take to the course. No snow? No problem. Our very own purpose-built sled dog track winds around the beautiful wildflower meadow next to our log cabin village. This stunning three mile, all-grass trail has been carefully adapted for canine paws. In fact, most of our sled dog rides happen on grass. The dogs go faster on grass, and it is much more fun and safer. Which means our sledding pooches love bounding around the track just as much as we know you will.

Bringing Winter To Heal

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While the thought of snuggling down in front of a roaring fire in the frigged and frosty winter months may be tempting, dog sledding at Eagle Brae is a truly unique way to enjoy the picturesque Scottish Highlands in the grips of winter. And since you don’t need snow to go dog sledding in Scotland, you can go dog sledding at Eagle Brae throughout the colder months (October through to April). After all, being pulled along the Highland glens by a pack of sled dogs while the winter wind whips at your face is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

To find out more about dog sledding in Scotland, or to organise a dog sledding excursion during your stay, simply email us at info@eaglebrae.co.uk or call us on 01463 761301.