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Coming Soon To Eagle Brae

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Coming Soon To Eagle Brae

2016 has been a pretty great year all round. We made a film, welcomed 8 little snorters to the family and expanded the Eagle Brae Fleet with an authentic Tuk Tuk (a.k.a. Mike and Ian’s new toy). But the most exciting development by far has to be the 3 new log cabins coming soon to Eagle Brae. Building will officially begin in summer all the way over in Canada, before the new cabins are shipped around the world and assembled at Eagle Brae in 2018.

3 New Log Cabins

Date published: 19/12/2016

The 3 new cabins will be smaller 4-sleeper cabins, each with their own saunas. Like all of our smaller cabins, there will be one main bedroom that can be configured into a double or twin room, as well as 2 built-into-the-wall log beds. Once again we will partner with Pioneer Log Homes of BC for the build, which means that our new cabins will be every bit as beautiful as the log cabins our guests already know and love.

Building Work

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The cabins will be built off site at one of Pioneer Log Homes’ construction sites in Canada. Each log will be carved, fitted, tagged and numbered by hand, before the entire cabin is unassembled and shipped to Eagle Brae (kind of like if Ikea made luxury flat-packed log cabins, only a hundred times better). Since everything is done by hand, the entire process is quite literally a labour of love. Just shipping the logs to Eagle Brae takes 6 weeks!

How This Will Affect Our Guests’ Stay

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As the entire construction of the cabins is done off site, our Phase 2 build will have very little impact on our guests’ stay. However, we will be closing for a month in April 2018 to prepare the chosen sites for the arrival of the new cabins. But once that’s done, it’s business as usual.

The sites themselves will be screened off from view in 2018 as the assembly gets underway. Since most of the work will have already been done off-site, this is more for our guests’ convenience than for anything else. Because of the colossal size of the logs our cabins are made from, the beautiful Highland scenery that surrounds Eagle Brae will include some heavy lifting machinery during the construction period. Guests are welcome to see the new cabins being assembled should they wish. Simply speak to us beforehand and we will gladly organise a hard hat and a tour.

While every effort has been made to minimise the impact on our guests’ stay while the new cabins are being built, we will offer a discounted rate during the construction period. And if everything goes according to plan (which it usually does), the new log cabins will be ready to welcome their first guests through their doors in time for the New Year.