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Warming up to Winter in the Highlands

Date published: 12/2/2016

When it comes to winter in the Highlands, there’s no denying that cuddling up in front of a roaring fire in a beautiful log cabin sounds about as close to perfect as it gets. But if you can bear to tear yourself away from the warmth of the hearth during the snowy month of February, you’ll discover a host of winter spectacles and activities that makes braving the cold to spend winter in the Highlands worth every chilly minute.

The Northern Lights

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As if our little slice of heaven wasn’t heavenly enough, Eagle Brae is home to a number of natural wonders. And the chilly winter months are no exception. With the crisp winter nights, remote Highland setting and breath-taking scenery, there is no better time to watch the heavens come to life. In a kaleidoscope of night-time colours, February is the perfect time to tick a sighting of the Aurora Borealis off your bucket list. In a dazzling display of greens, purples, reds and oranges, you could be lucky enough to catch the Northern Lights at Eagle Brae.

Black Grouse Safaris

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If you’re planning on spending winter in the Highlands, but happen to miss a glimpse of the Northern Lights, be sure to catch one of our more reliable Highland sightings … the Black Grouse. Just half a mile from Eagle Brae is a Black Grouse Lekking Ground. Every morning these feathered show-offs flock about on the moorland in preparation for the spring breeding season. Committed to conserving these entertaining birds, Eagle Brae offers Black Grouse Safaris to all their wildlife-loving guests.

Dog sledding in Scotland

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Not to be outdone by our feathered friends are the Eagle Brae dog-sledding hounds. With our own purpose built track around a picturesque wildflower meadow, we offer husky and hound dog-sledding in the cooler, winter months. Ideal for adrenaline junkies and nature lovers alike, there’s no better way to spend winter in the Highlands than with a guided Highland tour with man’s best friend.

So there you have it. The next time the thought of winter in the Highlands leaves you chilled to the bone, warm up to winter with a Highland hideaway with Eagle Brae.