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A short but sweet forest walk near Inverness

The charming Reelig Glen walk, Moniack

This short but sweet circuit walk boasts some of the tallest trees in Scotland. Leading visits through the old conifer and broadleaved woodland of Reelig Glen, this is a popular walk near Inverness. Ideal for families, this sheltered location makes it a good choice in any weather. This magical location is a hidden gem, with peaceful woodland walks and gorgeous greenery. 

Impressive beech trees in a calm forest

Discover some of Scotland’s tallest trees at Reelig Glen

If you’re a fan of nature walks, then this lovely trek through will immediately enchant you.  Start off beside a calming flowing river in this beautiful woodland near Inverness.

Home to the UK’s tallest Douglas Fir, this hour-long trek is perfect for those who are new to walking.  According to Forestry and Land Scotland, these looming trees soar above you to a height of about 170 feet (50 metres).
Why not leave the rat race behind by talking a saunter through the enchanting forest. Visitors will be able to enjoy magical moments spotting remarkable firs, cedars and spruces. Also, don’t forget to arch your neck to catch a glimpse of some of the tallest trees in Scotland!

A stunning stroll beside a rumbling river

How to access Reelig Glen 

The Reelig Glen Highland walk can be accessed in Moniack, Inverness. From Inverness, take the A862 west towards Beauly. After about 6½ miles (10.5 km), turn left onto a minor road signposted to Moniack and Clunes. Take a left fork after a long straight stretch of road and continue for another ½ mile (800 metres) mile to reach the small car park. When using a sat nav, IV5 7PR is the nearest postcode.

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