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Black Grouse Safaris at Eagle Brae

Black Grouse Safaris in the Scottish Highlands

As part of our extensive activity programme at Eagle Brae log cabins, our guests can set out on one of our amazing black grouse safaris. These Scottish wildlife tours will take you on a safari in the Highlands, where you’ll discover these local birds in their natural surroundings. From November to May, they congregate every morning at their display ground, which is called a lek. This is where competing males come to strut their stuff, in order to attract a mate and battle for territory. It’s quite a spectacle, as they fan their long tails, swell the bright red wattles above each eye, and make strange gobbling courtship calls. They also leap up and fight in mid-air.

Nature’s Spectacular Performance

The Black Grouse Safari Experience

Black grouse display at first light. So, this means our tours start very early in the spring, but they become later as we move into winter. The trip starts with an exciting 8×8 ATV trip up the hill in our Argocat off-road vehicle. Once out on the open hill, we edge forward, spying periodically to see if and where the birds are at the lek.  It is normally possible to get into about 60 metres to watch the male birds displaying. Bring your binoculars for an even closer look. This is a wonderful opportunity to see black grouse in Scotland first hand, performing this remarkable ritual.

Sensational Scottish Wildlife Holidays

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Available November to April, minimum age 6. Please enquire for prices.

To find out more about our black grouse safaris, or to book a trip during your stay with us, simply contact us here or call us on 01463 761301.

This Eagle Brae activity is only available to resident guests staying at the Eagle Brae log cabins.
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