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North Coast Fish Pie

North Coast Fish Pie Recipe A great fish pie is the ultimate comfort food. It’s nice and easy to make and loved by most! We source all our fish from Scrabster on the north coast of Scotland. Nice fresh sustainably-sourced fish is a must so look out for your best options locally. Ingredients (feeds 4) […]

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Keeper’s Ale and Venison Carbonnade

Keeper’s Ale and Venison Carbonnade Recipe One of Eagle Brae’s most popular meals is our Keeper’s Ale and Venison Carbonnade which is a Struy estate wild venison, caramelised onions, home-brew ale and fresh thyme stew. Easy to make and absolutely delicious. Ingredients (feeds 4) Boneless diced venison (600g of shoulder, loin or haunch) Onion (4 […]

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Great Glen Vegetarian Lasagne

Great Glen Vegetarian Lasagne Recipe Tucking in to a delicious vegetarian meal is not everyone’s first choice, but it is good for your health as well as the planet’s health. And our Great Glen Vegetarian Lasagne is a delicious meat-free choice too. There are a lot of steps to making this tasty vegetarian lasagne, and it […]

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Himalayan Venison Curry

Himalayan Venison Curry Recipe Your taste buds will simply explode with this fusion of Highland and Himalayan ingredients. Sample Struy’s own venison, sliced and diced, complete with a dusting of Himalayan spices to give your tummy a treat gastronomic treat. This hearty and wholesome meal will nicely round off a day of hill-walking and exploring. […]

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