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Sleeps 2

5-Star Accommodation in the Highlands of Scotland

Parus is the highest cabin at Eagle Brae. This luxury log cabin in the Highlands is tucked away amongst the trees. Its commanding views and elevated position belie its hidden nature. With decking that looks out over the top of the wildflower roof of reception and the duck pond below, it is the only cabin from which all other cabins can (just) be been seen through the trees or over the contours. Which means Parus enjoys some of the best views of Eagle Brae, with stunning views across the glen towards Mauld.

A Luxury Log Cabin in the Highlands

Paradise for Nature Lovers

Far removed from the rest of the world, Parus is perfect for bird lovers, nature lovers, wildlife lovers and anyone who enjoys commanding views from above! Home to a wide array of wildlife, deer roam daily around this secluded cabin. A badger has even excavated a home for itself right next to the decking! And as Parus is the Latin genus name for the tit family of birds, Blue, Great, Coal and (if you’re lucky) Crested tits are regular visitors to Parus’ own bird table. You can bring your dog along too, as this luxury log cabin in the Highlands offers dog-friendly accommodation.