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Terms & Conditions

Please See our Eagle Brae Terms and Conditions below and digest prior to your stay with us.

Personal Details

Personal information provided to Eagle Brae will not be shared with any third party.

Making a Reservation

You must be 18 years or over to book accommodation at Eagle Brae.

A deposit of 25% is payable via credit/debit card, Paypal or bank transfer at the time of booking. Booking deposits are non-refundable in the event of cancellation by you, unless cancellation is confirmed more than 6 months before stay start date. It is strongly recommended that you are protected by holiday/travel insurance.

The balance payment is to be paid 10 weeks prior to arrival date. Balance payments, except for the ‘loss and damage deposit’ element of that payment, are non-refundable in the event of cancellation by you, unless cancellation is confirmed more than 10 weeks before your stay start date.

Bookings made within 10 weeks of arrival date are payable in full at time of booking.

Your log cabin is furnished and decorated with a multitude of carefully selected items some of which cost a significant amount to replace should that be required. Therefore, a mandatory ‘loss and damage deposit’ of £200 is payable against all bookings. If applicable, any loss or damage costs will be deducted from your ‘loss and damage deposit’ and the remainder refunded to you within 10 days of the end of your stay. If any loss or damage costs exceed the deposit payment, Eagle Brae reserves the right to automatically charge you for any excess.

Provisional bookings will be held for 48 hours pending cleared receipt of the booking deposit, failing which, after 48 hours, the provisional booking will be cancelled.

All bookings are provisional until confirmed by email.

When you submit a booking via our online reservation system you will receive an automatically generated booking summary by email to the email address you provide in the booking form. This does not form a contract between us. A contract shall only arise when your booking is subsequently confirmed in writing via a confirmation email.

When you receive your written confirmation please check all the details carefully for accuracy and contact Eagle Brae immediately if you find any discrepancy.

Payment Formats

The preferred payment method is by debit or credit card via our automated online bookings system.

Eagle Brae will not charge you any credit or debit card surcharges.

Cheque payments are not accepted.

Only one payment method and only one card is accepted per booking, unless you have otherwise agreed with Eagle Brae.

Your Log Cabin

Your log cabin will be ready for you by 4pm on the day of arrival, and must be vacated by 10am on day of departure, unless previously agreed otherwise between you and Eagle Brae.

You will be notified in your booking confirmation which cabin you will be staying in, including the directions to find it. Any arrivals after 7pm should be notified in advance.

You agree to keep the log cabin clean and tidy and leave it in a similar condition of cleanliness to that when you arrived. Any damages must be reported to Eagle Brae staff prior to departure. Log cabins left in an excessively dirty or inappropriate manner may result in an additional cleaning surcharge. We offer a mid-stay cleaning service free of charge (where requested) for bookings of more than ten days duration.

The numbers in your party must never exceed the maximum stated capacity specified for your log cabin, unless by prior agreement with Eagle Brae.


Dogs are the only pets allowed on the premises. No other kinds of pets are permitted. Guests must declare that they wish to bring a dog(s) at the time of booking and agree to pay the surcharge for accompanying dog(s). There is a maximum limit of dogs for each cabin.

Sheep, wild deer and other animals roam free around the Eagle Brae log cabin site and it is the responsibility of dog owners to keep their dog under control at all times. Guests may be required to vacate their log cabin if, after being warned that their dog is causing a nuisance, they continue to fail to control it. In such circumstance, no refund will be payable to the guest for the unexpired part of their stay. Any injury or death caused by a guest’s dog to a person, another dog, stock animal or wild animal is the responsibility of the pet’s owner. In cases of injury or death of live-stock or wild animals caused by a guest’s dog, Eagle Brae reserves the right to charge that guest for any applicable veterinary care or animal replacement costs.

Dogs are not allowed on the furniture at Eagle Brae. If they have a tendency to chase wild animals or fight with other dogs they must be kept on a lead at all times. Any fouling close to Eagle Brae log cabins, roads or foot-paths should be cleaned up by the dog’s owner.

All dogs must be kept on leads when walking in the Eagle Brae wildflower meadow. There are stock animals in this meadow that may panic in response to free roaming dogs, and may thereby cause harm to either the dog or its owner or to others.

We love dogs but cannot accommodate badly controlled ones!


Smoking is not permitted inside the log cabins but is permitted on the Eagle Brae site outside of the buildings. You are requested to not drop cigarette butts on the ground anywhere on the Eagle Brae site. Please take particular care during dry months as moorland fires are common in the Highlands: dead heather and bracken, dry peat and live Scots pine trees are all flammable! Please take special care with your cigarette butts.

BBQ’s and camp fires

You are not permitted to make camp fires of have BBQs anywhere except for at sites specifically designated for these purposes, and agreed between you and Eagle Brae.


Due to the high fire risk, candles are not permitted in the log cabins.


Eagle Brae maintains a detailed inventory of all the contents of the log cabins, both practical items and decorative items. You will be required to pay for any item that incurs damage or is removed or lost.

Any loss or damage costs will be deducted from your ‘loss and damage deposit’ and the remainder refunded to you within 10 days of the end of your stay. If any loss or damage costs exceed the deposit payment, Eagle Brae reserves the right to automatically charge you for any excess.


There are two shallow ponds on the Eagle Brae site. Some cabins are immediately adjacent to these ponds. These ponds are not deep, however these ponds, like all open water bodies, could be dangerous should anyone fall in and be unable, for whatever reason, to remove themselves.

The landscaping at Eagle Brae has been left deliberately wild to create the wilderness experience we believe you, our customer, desires. Fenced off ponds would compromise this wilderness feel and our ponds have been not been fenced off. Young children, particularly toddlers must be supervised at all times when anywhere near the ponds. These ponds are for wildlife, our fire-fighting water capacity and the visual enjoyment of guests only. They are not for paddling, swimming, boating or fishing and Eagle Brae expressly prohibits anyone from entering the water at any time.

It is your responsibility to take care of your own safety and the safety of those in your party at all times.


There is a guest information room in the reception building which is for guests’ enjoyment. It contains many books and journals which should not be removed from this room. If any guest wishes to take any item from the reception to their cabin, they must ask the Eagle Brae staff first. Any reception items removed, lost or damaged by you will be replaced under your ‘loss and damage deposit’.

Items left behind in your Log Cabin

Postage and packing costs only will be levied for the return of items left in the cabin after your departure.


For security reasons only, there are CCTV cameras at various public locations at Eagle Brae including at reception. There are no CCTV cameras capturing any footage at or directed towards the guest cabins.

Personal Injury

Eagle Brae provides wilderness holidays in a genuine rural wilderness environment. You and all members of your party are responsible for your own safety.

The wilderness environment presents inherent risks, and these form part of the wilderness experience you are buying into when you stay at Eagle Brae. You are reminded of the higher degree of risk the rural wilderness environment presents and you should take all appropriate and reasonable care for your safety and the safety of others at all times.

Personal Property

As well as cancellation and curtailment insurance, clients are recommended to take out holiday insurance to cover loss or damage to personal effects.

Vehicles, accessories and contents are left at their owner’s risk.

Eagle Brae will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any property on the Eagle Brae premises.

Restrictions on Rental

Eagle Brae reserve the right to refuse any booking prior to the processing of the booking deposit.

Eagle Brae reserve the right to remove any person or persons from the property due to unreasonable behaviour, or any behaviour that adversely impairs the enjoyment of other guests (including excessive noise), damage to the property or exceeding the stated occupancy. In such cases, refunds will be at the discretion of Eagle Brae.

It is a condition of booking that a log cabin may only be occupied by the person named in the booking and their family and/or companions. Eagle Brae log cabins may not be sub-let to a third party. If this is found to be the case, the third party will have no legal right of occupancy and will be required to vacate the Eagle Brae log cabin immediately.

It is forbidden for guests to erect tents or use camper-vans or caravans or any other vehicles on site for the purposes of over-night accommodation. Any guests found doing so will be asked to leave immediately.


Eagle Brae is proud to be self-sufficient for most of its utilities, services and energy requirements. Should there be a failure in any of these utilities or services provided by Eagle Brae (e.g. water, heating, electricity, sewerage), we will attempt to restore the failed service/ utility as an absolute priority in the shortest possible timeframe. Eagle Brae will not pay compensation unless any failure of service/ utility provided by Eagle Brae extends beyond a continuous 12 hour period. Should any failure of service/ utility provided by Eagle Brae extend beyond a continuous 12 hour period, compensation will be proportionate to the loss of enjoyment suffered.

Eagle Brae cannot be held responsible in any way for any failure of a service/ utility not directly provided by Eagle Brae (e.g. TV signal, refuse collection, internet connection) but provided by third party suppliers which is totally outside the control of Eagle Brae, and no compensation will be given in the event of any supply or service failure of this kind.

Eagle Brae Roads and Parking

Guests should not drive faster than 15mph on Eagle Brae roads. There are animals and people walking around the Eagle Brae site often so speed must be restricted. The road is also steep in places and so it is not safe to drive faster than 15mph.

It is permitted to drive in both directions around the Eagle Brae loop. Please take care because the Eagle Brae roads are essentially single carriage-ways. There are passing places every 50 yards or so. Please be aware of on-coming traffic and drive carefully.

Each cabin has sufficient parking for two vehicles only. In the event that a party wishes to park more than two vehicles per cabin, they must notify Eagle Brae staff who will advise where to park the additional vehicles.

Guests using bicycles are requested to keep to the Eagle Brae roads and paths.

Adverse Travel Conditions

Where there are travel disruptions due to bad weather or any form of industrial action, Eagle Brae cannot be held responsible for non-arrival or late arrival at our log cabins.

Eagle Brae has a fairly steep private road from the main road to the log cabins. In adverse weather conditions involving excessive snow or ice, it may not be possible to get your vehicle up to the log cabins. Eagle Brae has provided a winter parking area down near the main road specifically for these occasions. In such instances an alternative Eagle Brae vehicle suitable for the conditions will attempt to transport you and your luggage to and from your cabin.


If you need to cancel your reservation for any reason Eagle Brae must be notified immediately and cancellation confirmed in writing within 5 days. We strongly advise that you take out holiday / travel insurance cover to cover the following costs:

Cancellation more than 10 weeks but less than 6 months before intended arrival date your deposit will be forfeited

Cancellation less than 10 weeks before intended arrival date you will be liable to pay the full cost of your log cabin rental (i.e. deposit & full balance)

Date changes are allowed without penalty up to 6 weeks before arrival date

In the case of cancellation you will always be refunded your ‘loss and damage deposit’If you have made a deposit payment only for the booking just cancelled, and it is not to be refunded to you, and you make another booking at Eagle Brae within a year of this cancellation, for at least the same number of nights, we will refund you the deposit value of your cancelled booking as a discount on your new booking. Please make it known to us that you are the same customer.If you have made a deposit payment and a balance payment for the booking just cancelled, and it is not to be refunded to you, and you make another booking at Eagle Brae within a year of this cancellation, for at least the same number of nights, we will refund you half of the balance payment value of your cancelled booking as a discount on your new booking. Please make it known to us that you are the same customer.

The above offers can only be exercised once per cancellation.


Each booking is made in good faith with the belief that the log cabin booked will be available to you on the date stated. If for any reason due to circumstances out-with Eagle Brae control, the log cabin is not available, we may be unable to provide you alternative accommodation. In the event of this happening the deposit and balance will be refunded in full. You will have no further claim against Eagle Brae.

To improve the facilities within the Eagle Brae log cabins, Eagle Brae reserve the right to alter or amend the facilities at Eagle Brae. Eagle Brae reserve the right to change any of the specifications of the log cabins at any time.

Extraordinary Circumstances during your Stay

Eagle Brae accept no liability for events during your stay totally beyond our control, e.g. destruction of property due to flood, fire, earthquakes or acts of nature; or that the property becomes uninhabitable due to irreparable damage or on Health & Safety issues that could not reasonably have been foreseen. In such cases refunds will be at the discretion of Eagle Brae.

Terms & Conditions

Eagle Brae reserves the right to change or amend their terms and conditions at any time.

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