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Walking in the Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highland Walks

There’s nothing like exploring the Scottish Highlands on foot during a stay at Eagle Brae. Here, we have some of the most spectacular walking and cycle routes in the world. Not only do we have great walks right here on the estate, but our local Glen Affric has so much to offer. With beautiful scenery and magnificent landscapes, there’s a lot to see and explore on local Scottish Highland walks.

The Hydro Weir Walk at Eagle Brae

Hydro Weir walk from your Eagle Brae cabin. One of Eagle Brae’s proudest achievements is that we strive to be a carbon-neutral holiday destination. As such, a major part of making this happen is our Hydro Weir which sits high above the cabins on the hills.

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The Meadow Walk at Eagle Brae

This walk is just in front of Eagle Brae and is around 3-miles in total. As such, it is a great stroll for people of all ages. Our Hebridean sheep flock like to graze around here. Their black wool is sought after by spinners to make beautiful clothes.

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Beauly Walks

Beauly is a beautiful, historic village nestled on the banks of a river, with some fantastic walks nearby. Its priory has even been mentioned as a location in the 'Outlander' series of books. We invite you to take a closer look . . .

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Lochan Fada Walk

Eagle Brae is situated in arguably one of the prettiest areas of Scotland. There are mountains, lochs, valleys and beautiful countryside in every direction. So in order to make the most of your trip here, we thought we’d offer some walking directions ...

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Plodda Falls and the Tweedmouth Trail

Plodda Falls is just a short drive from Eagle Brae, and it’s more than worth your while visiting! Enjoy this orbital walk to an enormous majestic waterfall, at over 40 metres tall. One of the remarkable things about the history of the falls is that the course ...

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Dog Falls and Coire Loch

If you love Caledonian forests and beautiful waterfalls, Dog Falls and Coire Loch will provide you with one of the most magical walks near Inverness. Surround yourself with stunning nature with this Glen Affric walk in the Highlands. The Dog Falls has ...

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Glen Strathfarrar Munros Circuit

Prepared to take on one of the best Munros near Inverness? Experience the thrill of Munro Bagging with this stunning circuit walk near Inverness. When looking for hikes near Inverness the Glen Strathfarrar Munros Circuit is one of the more challenging ...

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Affric Kintail Way

Explore the beauty of Affric Kintail Way with this challenging 45-mile hike. This beautiful nature walk starts from Drumnadrochit on the shores of Loch Ness, to Morvich in Kintail, near the Scottish Highlands. When it comes to long-distance walks in ...

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Reelig Glen Highland Walk

This short but sweet circuit walk boasts some of the tallest trees in Scotland. Leading visits through the old conifer and broadleaved woodland of Reelig Glen, this is a popular walk near Inverness. Ideal for families, this sheltered location makes ...

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Tom a’ Choinich and Toll Creagach

Tom a' Chòinich and Toll Creagach, which are Glen Affric Munros, are the easiest to reach Munros near Inverness. Toll Creagach is a rounded mountain with mossy upper slopes. Meanwhile, Tom a' Chòinich is a shapely peak with rocky ridges ...

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Loch Affric Circuit

When it comes to beautiful lochs in Scotland, Loch Affric is a stunning freshwater loch surrounded by nature. With serene views, wild camping spots and an exceptional hiking trail, Loch Affric has it all. This beauty spot lies about 25 miles southwest of ...

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Trail of the Seven Lochs

The Trail of the Seven Lochs is a 50-mile circular walking route in the South Loch Ness area. Although the route doesn’t have a designated starting point, you can start in Inverness. It takes two to three days to complete the whole circuit on foot...

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Caledonian Canal Walks

The Caledonian Canal is a remarkable feat of engineering, designed by famous Scots engineer Thomas Telford in the 1800s. Part man-made and part formed by four natural lochs. It runs 60 miles from northeast to southwest, along a geological fault...

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South Loch Ness Trail

Running along the south side of Loch Ness, this long-distance trail offers a fantastic walking and biking experience. Made up of a mixture of minor roads, forest tracks and purpose-built trails, the South Loch Ness Trail is 58 km long and stretches from...

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Great Glen Way

The Great Glen Way is a long-distance track, running along the Great Glen valley from Fort William to Inverness. The route is 79 metres long and takes several days to walk. However, you don't need to complete the whole length to experience the ...

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Loch Ness 360° Trail

If you’re looking for a challenge during your stay in the Scottish Highlands, the Loch Ness 360° Trail could be it! This walking, cycling and outdoor activity trail loops around the whole of Loch Ness, Scotland’s most famous loch. Connecting paths from ...

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Eagle Brae Walks

You don’t have to go far to find great walking routes while staying at Eagle Brae. Exploring our own 8,000 acre estate is an adventure in itself! Here are a couple of our most popular walks.

The Hydro Weir

The Hydro Weir is a steep walk which takes about 25 minutes. Starting at the goats paddock and finishing at our weir, up above the tree line on moorland. On the way up, you’ll pass through an exclosure, in which we planted 15,000 native trees. The area is fenced off to keep the local deer out, in order to give the new trees a chance to establish, but eventually we will open it up. From the top, you’ll experience stunning views of Eagle Brae and the surrounding Highlands.

The Meadow Walk

The Meadow Walk is the trail around our sled dog track, in the meadow in front of Eagle Brae. This is a 3-mile circuit, which takes around an hour to complete. It’s much flatter and gentler than the weir walk, and is lovely and peaceful, in amongst our Hebridean sheep flock, alongside the river Glass.

Local Walks

If you wish to go slightly further afield, here are some of our favourite Scottish Highland walks, all less than an hour’s drive from Eagle Brae:

Lochan Fada Walk

Starting point: Struy village (5-minute drive from Eagle Brae)

Lochan Fada is a hidden gem, not far from Eagle Brae. A remote and peaceful beach walk along the water’s edge. Bring a pair of binoculars for some wildlife spotting!

Plodda Falls and Tweedmouth Trails

Starting point: Tomich village (20-minute drive from Eagle Brae)

The spectacular Plodda Falls are part of the Glen Affric National Nature Reserve. There are two walking trails in this area, created by the Forestry Commission of Scotland – The Plodda Falls Trail and the Tweedmouth Trail. Both feature amazing views of the 46 metre high falls. They start at Tomich village. Simply follow the signs to the car park and the trails are waymarked from there.

Dog Falls and Coire Loch

Starting point: Dog Falls car park (20-minute drive from Eagle Brae)

The Dog Falls and Coire Loch Trails are two of our favourite Glen Affric walking routes. The Dog Falls Trail through beautiful woodland takes you up to a viewpoint overlooking Dog Falls. So-called because the falls are in the shape of a dog’s leg. The Coire Loch Trail leads to a magnificent hidden loch. Waymarked by the Forestry Commission, both walks follow an uneven path with slopes and steps.

Glen Strathfarrar Munros Circuit

Starting point: Off Glen Strathfarrar Road (25-minute drive from Eagle Brae)

A munro is a mountain in Scotland with a height of over 3,000 ft, which appears on Sir Hugh T Munro’s list from 1891. The Glen Strathfarrar Munros Circuit is a long and challenging walk, which allows you to bag 4 of them! This walk can take up to ten hours to complete in good conditions.

The Affric Kintail Way

Starting point: Drumnadrochit (30-minute drive from Eagle Brae)

The Affric Kintail Way is a great local route. This cross-country trail stretches from Drumnadrochit on Loch Ness to Morvich in Kintail. The 44-mile long trail has much to offer with a variety of landscapes and stunning views. However, please note, some of the sections of the trails are quite difficult, with considerable assent at some locations. The majority of the route is forest track, which can be a little tricky to get through.

Reelig Glen Highland Walk

Starting point: Moniack Burn car park (30-minute drive from Eagle Brae)

If you are planning on making a short walk around Inverness, Reelig Glen is a good route to follow. This Inverness walking trail is 1.9 km long and takes only an hour to complete. The Reelig Glen Highland Walk offers a truly unique experience, since it features a beach, pine and fir woodland above the glen. Be sure to spot “Dughall Mor”, which is one of the tallest trees in Britain, with a height of 200 feet (64 metres).

Tom a’ Choinich and Toll Creagach

Starting point: car park near Chisholme Bridge (35-minute drive from Eagle Brae)

Tom a’ Choinich and Toll Creagach are the easiest of our local munros to reach. However, this walk is still quite tough with a mix of terrain and can take up to 8 hours in good conditions. This is a great way to bag a couple of munros and take in our impressive Highland scenery.

Loch Affric Circuit

Starting Point: River Affric car park (35-minute drive from Eagle Brae)

The Loch Affric Circuit is a full loop around the breathtaking Loch Affric. This is a popular route with our guests and the views of the loch, mountains and forest are outstanding! The walk is fairly easy to do, but around 11 miles long without exit points.

The Trail of the Seven Lochs

Suggested starting point: Inverness (45-minute drive from Eagle Brae)

The Trail of the Seven Lochs is a 50-mile circular walking route in the Scottish Highlands. Although the route doesn’t have a designated starting point, you can start in Inverness. The Trail of the Seven Lochs offers some of the most stunning views you will come across around Loch Ness. Although the entire trail is waymarked, it is advised that you keep a compass with you, as the route can become difficult to navigate in bad weather.

The Caledonian Canal

Starting point: Inverness (45-minute drive from Eagle Brae)

You can explore the Caledonian Canal on foot, bike or by boat. The Caledonian Canal is recognised as one of the great waterways of the world and offers its visitors some of the most spectacular scenes. The canal cuts through Scotland’s Great Glen and connects Inverness to Fort William. The Caledonian Canal also makes for a good cycling route, allowing you to experience the waterway easily.

The South Loch Ness Trail

Starting point: Torbreck (45-minute drive from Eagle Brae)

Located on the south side of Loch Ness, this trail offers a fantastic walking and biking experience. You will find a mixture of minor roads, forest tracks and purpose-built trails. The South Loch Ness Trail is 58 km long and starts in Torbreck near Inverness. The trail offers splendid views, several points of interest and has designated spots along the route where you can stop and relax. You can cover the whole route or select any one of the three sections to get the most out of the South Loch Ness Trail.

The Great Glen Way

Starting point: Inverness (45-minute drive from Eagle Brae)

Our list of walks wouldn’t be complete without the Great Glen Way. The Great Glen Way makes for a slightly challenging walking route in Inverness. The route offers some of the most dramatic scenery Scotland has to offer. The trail follows all the way from Inverness in the north east to Fort William in the south west. Several historical and natural heritage sites are located along the route, which makes the Great Glen Way trail worth visiting.

The Loch Ness 360° Trail

Starting point: Inverness (45-minute drive from Eagle Brae)

The Loch Ness 360° Trail joins the South Loch Ness Trail and the Great Glen Way into a 360 degree loop around Loch Ness. This stunning 72-mile Inverness walking route can be completed in approximately 6 days.

Walking Holidays at Eagle Brae

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Inverness walking trails are among some of the most scenic in the world and are well worth adding to your bucket list. And, if you are staying with us, they are right on your doorstep.

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