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The Hydro Weir Walk at Eagle Brae

Hydro Weir Walk From Your Eagle Brae Cabin

One of Eagle Brae’s proudest achievements is that we strive to be a carbon-neutral holiday destination. As such, a major part of making this happen is our Hydro Weir which sits high above the cabins on the hills. This super walk enjoys wonderful views and is a steep 20-25 minute walk from your cabin door. Whatsmore, guests at Eagle Brae luxury cabins are welcome to explore the area and see renewable energy being made whilst here on their Scottish Highland break. If you are keen on walking holidays in the Scottish Highlands, then this is a great place to start.

Creating Sustainable Energy

About The Hydro Weir

Up here, you will be able to enjoy views of our wilderness holiday resort and the wild deer below. Height is important to this weir, to generate the electricity needed to power Eagle Brae. So, how does it all work? Well, we have an underground 60kW turbine house that uses the water flowing from the top of the hill to create power. And from there, the water eventually flows into the beautiful River Glass. 

And if you are worried about the impact that building this weir has had on the fish, then we’ve thought of that too. Also, we’ve worked with the local fishery board to make sure no fish are impacted. As such, we help to support our local fish population and offer super angling holidays. But rest assured, all fish are re-released after the catch. 

The Walk To The Weir

Walking up to the weir is straightforward, and starts at our goat paddock. It’s an arduous climb, so sturdy footwear is recommended. Also, along your way, you will pass through an enclosure where we planted 15,000 native trees. As such, these are fenced off at the moment to allow them to grow – otherwise, the deer will eat them!

Also, keep an eye and ear out for wildlife along the way and the hills around Eagle Brae are brimming with life. Also, you might see an eagle soar overhead, or hear a grouse somewhere in the grass. So, this is a short walk, but it’s one well worth taking. 

Soon you’ll reach the top where the weir is. It’s a gentle and peaceful place, perfect for sitting down and enjoying being in this glorious part of Scotland. Below you will see our luxury log cabins in the highlands and the mountains in the distance.

Views Over The Highlands

Visiting Eagle Brae

Fancy staying with us in Eagle Brae luxury cabins and enjoying the splendour of the Highlands? Eager to go on some walking holidays in the Scottish Highlands? We’ve had hundreds of visitors who have fallen in love with this beautiful spot. Book a break in one of our stunning Eagle Brae log cabins for carbon-neutral holidays that won’t cost the Earth. Explore our other walks in the Highlands.

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