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Introduction to Target Shooting at Eagle Brae

Target Shooting in the Scottish Highlands

Eagle Brae is a traditional Highland estate and we have team members with substantial knowledge and experience of firearms. If you would like an introductory session during your stay with us, whereby you will get a chance to shoot at a target with a high-powered sporting rifle, then this is the activity for you! This is a very fun, informative session and a unique opportunity to try target shooting for the first time.

Get On Target

The Target Shooting Experience

Guests are taken to our target range to learn how to shoot stationary clays and printed targets with a sporting rifle, shooting from approximately 100 m. This is a great group activity, and it’s fun to compare your performance with friends and family, to see who can hit the most targets.

Each guest shoots 10 rounds with the final group on a printed target. We will teach you how to better tighten your group and shoot more accurately. This is a very enjoyable activity, especially for someone who has never shot a sporting rifle before, or for someone who is developing an interest in shooting. All our rifles are fitted with moderators, so the noise is minimal. No prior experience is required but there is a minimum age of 12.

Introductory Sessions

Book a Target Shooting Session at Eagle Brae 

Availability: All year, except mid-September to 20th October, minimum age 12.

Prices 2019: £50 per person (up to 2 people), £40 per person (groups of 3 or more people).

Sessions last approximately 30 mins for one person, plus 15 minutes per additional person.

To book or find out more about our outdoor activities and experiences, please contact us here or call us on 01463 761301.