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Treading Lightly on the Environment

Carbon Neutral Holidays in Scotland

At Eagle Brae, we are proud to be one of the few tourism destinations in the world that strives to offer largely carbon-neutral holidays. Committed to sustainable eco-tourism, we are entirely self-sufficient for all our utility and energy needs. We have our own micro-hydro scheme that provides electricity and hot water to all our cabins, while biomass wood-pellet burners provide underfloor heating throughout. Our water is sourced from a natural, sustainable underground supply, treated on-site and gravity fed to all our cabins.

We also invite our guests to plant a tree, whilst with us, to offset the carbon output of their journey to and from Eagle Brae. From £28 you can plan your own tree and/or build your own tree enclosure or plant in one of ours. Scroll down for further information.

We have a standard type 2 EV car charge point and a Tesla car charge point, both at reception, and both free for guest use.


Off-set your Carbon Positive Journey

Plant a Tree

A chance for you to either off-set your carbon positive journey to and from Eagle Brae or to remember a special family event by planting a tree whilst you are here. All our trees are grown from seed in our own tree nursery here in Struy. So the trees themselves have been reared with zero carbon miles before they are planted. All trees need to be protected from deer. Therefore they either need their own protective fencing or they need to be planted in an existing fenced exclosure.

The following species of tree are normally available:

Native: Birch, Oak, Rowan, Aspen, Holly, Scots Pine, Hawthorn

Price List

Arrange for Eagle Brae to plant tree for you in existing exclosure: £36.00

Help Eagle Brae team plant a tree in existing exclosure: £28.00

Arrange for Eagle Brae to plant tree with its own protective fencing: £79.00

Help Eagle Brae team plant a tree with its own protective fencing: £69.00

Making Sustainable Choices

Carbon Payback Scheme

We understand that genuinely carbon neutral holidays are achieved through a sustainable lifestyle. Which is why we encourage all guests to help us reach our carbon neutral goals by conserving water, preserving electricity, using vehicles only when absolutely necessary, and recycling all rubbish where possible. What’s more, our Carbon Payback Scheme allows guests to offset any impact their journey to Eagle Brae has made by planting a tree near the Eagle Brae village. That way, guests can rest assured their Highland getaway is not only gentle on the environment, it helps to preserve the environment as well.

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