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Canoeing in Scotland

Stunning Guided Canoe Trips in Scotland

Have you ever dreamed of taking a canoe through a 100 ft high gorge? With birds of prey soaring above you and fish swimming beneath, it’s how memories are made. Here at Eagle Brae, we offer one of the most stunning guided canoe trips in Scotland.

One of our most popular trips for guests staying with us at Eagle Brae is a guided trip on the river in two-person Canadian canoes. Each person in the pair takes a paddle on just one side. It’s a much more sociable activity this way than single-person canoes and means you can share your experience with friends and family.

Our two-person canoes are great for everyone from complete beginners to experienced canoeist and are very safe.

The Route

Travel Between 100 ft Cliffs

The route we take depends on both the weather and whatever our guests’ preferences are. The journey begins at either the Mauld Bridge on the River Glass in Struy, or just slightly further downstream. The journey then continues onto the River Beauly.

Along the trip, guests will travel between 100 ft cliffs on either side of the river. The stunning property of the Eilean Aigas estate is also visible on your route. Sitting on 545 acres, it has been described as one of the best country homes to be built in Scotland for more than a century.

Look closely and you might spot a peregrine falcon nest and an osprey nest in the gorge. These birds of prey are a magnificent sight and seen regularly in this stretch of the river.

Fitness Levels

Don’t worry if you haven’t paddled before, or if you’re not an Olympic rower! This canoe trip is gentle and without any serious rapids. There are only a few stretches where the water picks up a bit of speed, but it’s more of a scenic paddle than an adrenaline paddle.

Scenic River Adventures

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Available all year, minimum age of 4. Please enquire for prices.

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This Eagle Brae activity is only available to resident guests staying at the Eagle Brae log cabins.
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