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One of the most beautiful lochs in Scotland

Loch Affric Hiking Trails, Scotland

When it comes to beautiful lochs in Scotland, Loch Affric is a stunning freshwater loch surrounded by nature. With serene views, wild camping spots and an exceptional hiking trail, Loch Affric has it all. This beauty spot lies about 25 miles southwest of Beauly. The loch sits in a national nature reserve known for being home to a number of rare species and the loch itself is popular for trout fishing. In addition, its popular circular walk is perfect for the whole family.

Stunning glens and spectacular scenery

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If you’re a fan of nature walks, then this breathtaking trek is just for you. Besides, what better way to spend a Sunday than exploring one of Scotland’s most gorgeous lochs. The entire circular is about 12 miles, so this is most suited to those with a lot of endurance. Abundant wildlife, stunning scenery and magnificent streams will captivate hikers along the way too.

 The walk keeps mostly well above the loch and passes through pinewood and moorland scenery, with spectacular views of the mountains. In addition, there’s also a magical waterfall to be enjoyed along the way. The view is constantly changing so explorers won’t get bored of this spectacular route. Moreover, a walk around this hiking trail in Scotland is the perfect way to explore  Glen Affric. 

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How to access Loch Affric

This Loch Affric walk starts from the Affric car park and follows the path on the north side of the loch, passing Affric Lodge. Here is a popular picnic site, and there are toilets available. Drivers can access the car park by using the postcode IV4 7LY. However, there is a car park charge per day, so be sure to bring some cash! So, if you want to explore one of the most beautiful lochs in Scotland, then Loch Affric is a stunning destination.