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Experience ‘The Traitors’ in the Highlands

Date published: 26/2/2024

‘The Traitors’ in the Scottish Highlands

If you watch ‘The Traitors‘, you’ll already know all about the beauty of the areas around Eagle Brae. That’s because it’s filmed nearby! Traitors Castle, otherwise known as Ardross Castle, is just a one-hour drive away, although you won’t be able to visit the building itself as it is private. You will, however, be able to enjoy the wonderful Scottish scenery on your way.

All around us are rugged landscapes, historic castles and atmospheric lochs which offer plenty of mystery and intrigue to explore during your visit to Eagle Brae.

Loch Ness

If there’s one thing the contestants get used to quickly, it’s the threat of ending up in some water! Our area of Scotland has plenty of it too, including our own local waterside retreat, Lochan Fada.
Everyone who visits the Highlands will be familiar with our largest body of water, Loch Ness. Most famous for its elusive resident, the mythical creature known as the Loch Ness Monster, Loch Ness inspires thousands of visitors each year.

Channeling your inner detective and explore the loch’s shores for signs of mysteries. If you venture to Dores, by the side of the loch, you might even meet with ‘Faithful” Nessie hunter himself, Steve Feltham.

Loch Ness Long exposure shot with hills in the background.
Loch Ness on a still day.

Chisholm Burial Ground

Grave sites play a regular role in The Traitors. Not far from Eagle Brae is one that is a must-visit for fans of the show. Chisholm Burial Ground was originally built for the Chisholm family, who were then the owners of nearby Erchless Castle.

The graves are completely surrounded by a forest, making it tricky to find. The trees can certainly give a chilling atmosphere, especially on foggy days. The tall, foreboding cross memorials where clan chiefs are buried hark back to times when danger was around every corner.

The burial ground is part of the larger Chisholm Trail which follows the history of the family around the area. Starting at Erchless Castle, you can hike towards Mauld to see a the Chisholm Stone. You will eventually end up on the side of Loch Mullardoch. Here a stone cairn was built to mark the nearby location of “Chisholm’s stone”. This was where the clan chief would collect his rent from his clansmen.

Beauly Priory

Beauly Priory at sunset
Evening light hits arches at Beauly Priory.

The small village of Beauly sits a short drive away form Eagle Brae. It’s a stunning place to visit, and we’ve spoken before about Beauly on our blog. However, the priory in Beauly is worth a special mention here.

Although most of the historic buildings dating from as far back as the 1200s have vanished, there is still a well-preserved transept which gives a glimps of what it would have been like to walk these halls. It’s the perfect place to don your Traitors hood and imagine what mysteries and intrigue were whispered in this place over the centuries.

Are you a Traitor or a Faithful?

In conclusion, the Scottish Highlands offer a captivating blend of history, mystery, and natural beauty that will enchant fans of “The Traitors” and adventurous travellers alike. Whether you’re exploring ancient monasteries, searching for mythical creatures, or delving into the region’s rich clan heritage, the Highlands invite you to embrace your inner detective and embark on an unforgettable journey through its timeless landscapes. So pack your bags, sharpen your senses, and prepare to unravel the mysteries of the Scottish Highlands inspired by the suspenseful world of “The Traitors.” Make a start by booking your stay at Eagle Brae.

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