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All Wrapped Up For Winter

Date published: 7/11/2017

Eagle Brae’s Nehru Jackets

Grab yourself a truly unique memento of your visit to Eagle Brae with a beautiful Nehru jacket, made exclusively for us in the Indian Himalayan Region, where our very own Pawana is from. We are delighted to bring these entirely original, hand-made jackets to Scotland for the first time. Bringing a touch of the Himalayas to the Highlands!

Traditional Nehru Jackets

A traditional Nehru tailored coat is hip-length with a mandarin collar. The front design is inspired by the Indian achkan or sherwani, which the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, used to wear … and this is where the jacket gets its name.

Our coats are hand-made from Himalayan sheep’s wool. They are very similar to Scottish tweed jackets, but with a more relaxed, informal design. We have a variety of colours to choose from, including tan brown, grey, grey-blue, beige and cream. Chest-sizes range from 38” to 48” in two-inch intervals.

Indian Himalayan Nehru Jackets

Hand-made in the Himalayas

Over 4000 miles away in the Indian Himalayan Kingdom of Himachal Pradesh, locals produce our exclusive Nehru coats. They make them from 100% Himalayan sheep’s wool, using a traditional process. The locals hand-shear, hand-spin, hand-weave and hand-tailor the coats, so they are completely hand-made from start to finish.

First, they sheer the sheep with hand-clippers and wash the wool, ready to spin. They spin it on a hand-held spindle, which can take over 100 hours per jacket. Next, they weave the wool into fabric on a hand-loom for up to 5 days, and then wash it in warm water and leave to set. Finally, they tailor the finished material into jackets using non-electric sewing machines. The finished product is really something special and unique … and only available at Eagle Brae!

Available only at Eagle Brae

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about these beautiful and unique garments. We have a wide selection of jackets and matching hats available here at Eagle Brae, so just pop into reception during your stay for a closer look and try one on for yourself!

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