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Tasty Hamper Treats

Date published: 5/2/2017

Take a look in your Eagle Brae welcome hamper. We source our produce locally, and we try and pick organic options wherever possible. Here’s what you’ll find in your Scottish Hamper when you arrive at your cosy log cabin at Eagle Brae:


  • 2 Eagle Brae whisky miniatures – a blended whisky specially selected by Eagle Brae.
  • 2 Black Isle beers from a local brewery where you can enjoy a tour. These organic beers are also sold at reception at Eagle Brae.
  • Delicious shortbread, oatcakes and tablet made with care by Rhona Macaskill at the The Forrest Kitchen.
  • Highland crackers made locally by Donna Peacock.
  • 3 jars of cashmere chutney, celebration raspberry jam, and rowan jelly. These are all made by a lady in her kitchen in Strathconan, just a few glens away at Strathconan Reserves.
  • Elderflower cordial made by your Eagle Brae host Pawana, who makes 80 litres per year for Eagle Brae guests.
  • Indian sandal wood incense. This has been sourced personally by the Eagle Brae Team from India (where Pawana is from) and it uses pure sandal wood to create a soothing fragrance in your beautiful handcrafted log cabin.


Now you have the know-how, there’s nothing stopping you from making your very own Scottish breakfast. So why not book your stay at Eagle Brae, and enjoy a delicious breakfast within a breath-taking natural setting in the heart of Scottish Highlands.