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Tips for Camera Stalking at Eagle Brae

Date published: 5/8/2015

Here at Eagle Brae you have the excellent opportunity to participate in camera stalking. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, follow these tips for camera stalking at Eagle Brae and you’ll definitely benefit you in capturing awe-inspiring photos of the local deer!

Waterproof Boots

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First of all, you’re going to want a good pair of waterproof walking boots. Camera stalking at Eagle Brae will more often than not involve walking long distances over moorland to catch a shot of those troublesome deer and you won’t want anything other than clean, warm, comfortable feet during the trek.


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Camouflage is key! Deer are very timid and to be honest, they aren’t all that interested in us humans. The classic brown and green colour combination is pretty much essential. To avoid deer attention you’ll also want to avoid making a lot of noise or wearing strong perfumes.

Natural Aroma

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You don’t want the deer to smell your natural aroma either. If a deer smells human scent it will be out of there – fast! To prevent this from happening you should always approach a deer downwind so that your human scent isn’t blowing in their direction. If you fail to do this the deer could run a good mile or so without stopping!

Here Comes the Sun…

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Be sure to approach deer with the sun behind you. This will benefit you in 2 ways: It will make it harder for the deer to spot you as they will be facing into the sun and also this will allow for a better photo with the sun behind and shining on your subject.

Wear a Hat!

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Always wear a hat. You don’t want your valuable body heat escaping from the top of your head in the freezing cold weather but more importantly a deer is less likely to notice a human face if you are wearing a hat – you are more likely to look like a rock or other inanimate object.

Recycle Old Clothes

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Old, worn-out clothes should be your outfit of choice for camera stalking. Sometimes you will have to crawl through peat hags and bogs to be able to capture that much desired photo of the deer. And if you don’t know what peat hags and bogs are…They’re as nasty as they sound!

Tips for Camera Stalking – Visiting Eagle Brae

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Now when you go camera stalking you’ll have enough knowledge to blend in with the surroundings like a lizard and be as quiet as a mouse. We hope you give our tips for camera stalking here at Eagle Brae a shot!