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Holiday Amongst Wild Deer

Date published: 20/8/2021

Where To See Wild Deer In Scotland

When we started creating Eagle Brae, we knew that the area was home to many wild red deer. But, what we didn’t know is that they would stay after our luxury holiday cabins were built. There is so much land and rough wilds around us that we thought they would simply move along a little. And they certainly have enough space to do so if they wish. So, we completed our build, nurturing the natural habitat as we went, building an authentic Scottish hideaway experience, expecting the deer to move on.

But it turns out our deer liked what we had done so much that they stayed too! Yes, our wild deer have become very familiar faces around our self-catering cabins! So, if you would like to know where to see our wild red deer when in Scotland on holiday, or watch them going about their everyday lives, then book a stay at Eagle Brae. We’re one of the best places to see red deer in Scotland, if not the best!

A red deer outside an Eagle Brae cabin

The story of our resident wild deer

We never thought we’d end up being home to a herd of wild deer. Of course, we always aimed to welcome in as much nature as possible, but we didn’t expect the deer to be so at home with us. And still, all these years on, it continues to be a wonderful sight, watching them go about their daily lives. Plus they have become so used to us, that now, although they are still wild and won’t let you too close, they will quite happily graze outside your cabin door and pose for photographs. Our herd is mostly made up of females, and young deer. But do also regularly have a large male stag visit us on site. He’s not always around, so you are extra lucky if you spot him! But in the autumn you might see him when you can enjoy the sounds and sights of the stag rut season as it takes place. 

Safari Holidays in Scotland

So if you are looking to experience red deer in Scotland and want to catch them in their natural habitat, this is the Scottish holiday for you. All our wild deer are allowed to roam freely around the Eagle Brae cabins where you are sure to enjoy them during your stay. 

And if you’re wondering what to expect? Or what deer sights you’ll see? Well, we have an array of photographs of our deer for you to enjoy in our gallery. But you really must join us and experience our deer first hand! Here you are sure to enjoy the best wild Scottish holiday experiences around. So join us for your own safari holiday right here in the Highlands of Scotland! The deer regularly greet us when we wake up in the morning, and make for a wonderful sight to see when eating your breakfast. Or sit out on your private decking at night, wrapped in a blanket whilst they graze in the dark around you. 

red deer and ducks at Eagle Brae

Where to see a deer rut in Scotland

If you would like to take your deer watching up a level, then consider staying with us in the autumn. This is when deer rut start to happen all around the Highlands and is an unforgettable experience. You may have heard of deer ruts from shows such as the BBC’s Autumnwatch. Seeing and hearing it in real life is so much more powerful. 

The annual deer rut is the time of year male deer fight to win over mating rights. Here, they will try to gather together the female deer into a group. However, other stags who like the look of these organised groups will come in and attempt to take the group for themselves, and this is where the rutting begins. It’s an exhausting process, and only the fittest, strongest and smartest deer will emerge victorious. 

We’ve heard the rutting from our cabins in previous years, it can be that close to us! So, if you want to be in for a glimpse, the red deer rutting season is from late September to early November. This is the best time to catch their wild display and hear their calls and bellows. We can’t guarantee that you will see any rutting, but the sounds and sight of our deer during this special season are magnificent.

A red deer looks at the camera

It’s wild in the Highlands

Plus we’ve got so much more nature and wildlife here at Eagle Brae< that you won’t only be spoilt by wild deer roaming around your cabin. So be sure to pack your binoculars and spend some time enjoying the great outdoors. We’ve got ospreys, kestrels, owls, red squirrels and pine martins to name but a few. And for those who prefer to pack a microscope, we’ve got insects, fungi and plenty of plant life to keep an eye out for too. And for the ultimate wild deer and nature spotting experience, don’t forget to book onto our camera stalking days out<. Here we will take you out into the wilds of the Highlands, through the glens to the best-hidden spots and gems for a day’s wild photography experience.

There’s something for everyone here, Eagle Brae really is one of the best places to see red deer in Scotland. So whether you are looking for where to see red deer rut, or just wanting to stay for a few days in Scotland in the company of a beautiful herd of wild deer, then Eagle Brae is the place for you. Check our availability and book your luxury lodge in the Highlands today. 

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