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Wildlife Holidays in Scotland – Meet Our Eagle Brae Animals

Date published: 20/8/2015

The Scottish Highlands is home to some of the most impressive wildlife in the world. With the highest mountains and deepest bodies of water in the UK, it’s rich in history, unspoilt scenery and untamed wilderness. Inhabited by less than 200 000 people, it remains the realm of birds and beasts – making it the perfect destination for anyone looking for wildlife holidays in Scotland.

It’s a Bird’s Life at Eagle Brae

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Situated just three miles from the nearest eyrie, Eagle Brae is a bird watching haven. Majestic golden eagles roam the sky along with other British raptors. Removed from the hustle and bustle of every day life, you can spot ospreys, red kites, merlins, buzzards, hen harriers, sparrow hawks, kestrels, peregrine falcons, barn owls and tawny owls.

For the more avid birdwatcher, it is also a great place to spot a Scottish crossbill – a rare member of the finch family, and the only vertebrate unique to the United Kingdom.

Nuts About Red Squirrels

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Nuts About Red Squirrels

With only about 140 000 red squirrels left in the whole of Britain, these fuzzy tailed forest friends are a rare and wonderful site. Unlike the grey squirrels you find in and around the cities, red squirrels are very elusive, spending much of their lives roaming tree canopies.

Pining for Pine Martens

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Once one of Britain’s most common carnivores, the elusive pine marten was nearly wiped out in the 1800s for its fashionable fur. Today the pine marten is more common in the tranquil wilderness of the Scottish Highlands. Although the species received full legal protection in 1988, sightings are still rare. In fact the first sighting of a pine marten in southern England in 50 years made headline news. For nature lovers planning wildlife holidays in Scotland, a sight of this rare creature is sure to be at the top of their sightseeing list.

Dear oh deer

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The hypnotising red deer is fairly common in the Scottish Highlands. With large antlers and a powerful body, red deer are our largest land mammal. In the spirit of wildlife holidays in Scotland, large herds of these gentle giants regularly come down from the hills to venture through Eagle Brae’s log home village.

Picture perfect wilderness

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Set in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, just north of Loch Ness, Eagle Brae’s panoramic views of the Scottish wilderness and abundance of wildlife makes it the ideal place for camera stalking enthusiasts. As a completely eco-friendly, sustainable resort, Eagle Brae is the perfect place to disconnect from the pressures of day-to-day life and reconnect with nature. With its tranquil setting, remote location and nature-loving activities, it is the ideal getaway for anyone looking for truly unique wildlife holidays in Scotland.