Cheypandara MSNCP1

Genuine antler chandelier hand-made by Mike


This hand-made antler chandelier has been crafted by Eagle Brae owner Mike. It all started when Mike decided he needed 7 antler chandeliers for the first log cabins and couldn’t find any he liked so he started making them himself. Having made another batch for the newer log cabins that opened in 2018 Mike has a fair few under his belt now and they are getting better and better. Crafted from red deer antlers sourced in the Highlands this chandelier is a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork as well as being beautiful functional light. With traditional candle bulb holders and all the wiring expertly concealed inside the core of the antlers, Mike’s chandeliers now champion anything on the market in craftsmanship, structural design and elegance

15 red stag antlers (12 down 3 up) with 6 candle bulb lights. Supplied with electrical wire (4m), hanging chain (2m) and Gripple trapeze safety cable. Due to size and weight of these chandeliers, postage will be organised and priced post-purchase

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