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Environmentally Friendly Holidays in the Scottish Highlands

Date published: 31/3/2016

When it comes to disconnecting from the everyday and reconnecting with nature, there’s nothing better than heading out to the Scottish Highlands for a wilderness adventure. And in today’s fast-paced world, the need for environmentally friendly holidays is becoming more important than ever before. It’s why we are proud to be one of the few ecotourism destinations continually striving to offer carbon neutral luxury accommodation in the Scottish Highlands. Miles away from the bustling cities, surrounded by wild glens, roaming wildlife and breath-taking scenery, we’re committed to conserving energy and preserving the environment both now and in the future.

Micro-hydro Scheme

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To help ensure we are completely self-sufficient for all our utility and energy needs, Eagle Brae has installed an environmentally friendly micro-hydro scheme. In collaboration with the local fishing board, we have ensured the energy-producing scheme has as little impact on the environment and wildlife living in it as possible. Powering a 75kW turbine, almost all electricity generated through the scheme is used on site and provides electricity and hot water to our beautiful log cabins.

Biomass Pellet Burners

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Not to be outdone by our micro-hydro scheme is our biomass pellet burners. Each cabin is installed with its own wood pellet burner to help keep our cabins warm throughout the year. Pellets are produced locally from fine wood dust and fed into the burner by a small hopper.

Recycling at Eagle Brae

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We believe genuine sustainability is a way of life. It’s why we ask all our guests to tread lightly on the environment by conserving energy, preserving water and recycling whenever possible during their stay. Each cabin is fitted with recycling bins for glass and kitchen waste, which we compost on site, so that everyone staying at Eagle Brae helps contribute to a cleaner, greener, sustainable future for all.

Carbon Payback Scheme

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And to ensure all our guests enjoy an eco-friendly holiday, we encourage them to give back to the environment by planting a tree near the Eagle Brae village. That way guests are able offset the carbon emissions they emit travelling to and from our Highland hideaway. Each tree is planted with a numbered stake so that you can watch it flourish over years of environmentally friendly holidays at Eagle Brae.

To find out more about our sustainability initiatives, or to book your environmentally friendly holiday with Eagle Brae, get in touch today.