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Outdoor Adventures at Eagle Brae

Date published: 9/12/2015

Highland Adventures: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

You love the outdoors. You always have. And while everyone else plans relaxing holidays in tranquil beachside resorts, you’re on the hunt for an endless supply of Highland adventures. But where to start? The Scottish Highlands are big. They’re wild. They’re untamed. In other words, they’re simply unbelievable. So when nature calls, you better be ready to answer.

From Walking, Stalking and Sledding …

Since there are no trespass laws in Scotland, there’s no better way to explore the beauty of the Highlands than on foot. And only a stone’s throw away from our Highland hideaway are a number of walking trails for the seasoned traveller. No borders, no restrictions, no worries … except maybe when stalking season starts. You may want to stay on the beaten track and steer clear of private estate moorland hills during September and October.

Unless you’re game? If stalking is something you’re in to, we offer red deer stalking for stags in September and October, and red deer hinds from November to January. It’s all part of our mission to maintain the natural balance between forestry, conservation and deer. And in the true spirit of survival of the fittest, only weak, old or poor animals are culled. If stalking isn’t your cup of tea, change tactics (and gear) and put your photography skills to the test for the perfect shot with some camera stalking instead.

If walking and stalking isn’t action-packed enough to satisfy your Highland adventures craving, or trekking through the dead of winter just isn’t for you, why not try your hand at dog sledding? Meet the hounds, strap in and get carried away (quite literally) with dog sledding in the Highlands.

Dog Sledding in Scotlands Highlands

… To Fishing, Flapping and Kayaking

Once you’ve trekked through the Highlands, stalked a deer or two and taken a turn round our sledding track, cast away with some fly fishing on our very own waters. With salmon, trout and pike fishing, get hooked on the magnificent wilderness Highland lochs and smaller stocked wee hill lochans.

While you’re reeling in a monster, take in some of the unusual ducks and divers along our shores. Eagle Brae is a bird watching haven, which means you can enjoy many of the Highland feathered friends from just about anywhere in Eagle Brae.

And if anyone tells you there’s a better way to enjoy Highland adventures than with an adrenaline rush in sub-zero temperatures. They’ve obviously never been kayaking in the River Farrar. Situated at the junction of Rivers Farrar and Glass, Eagle Brae offers adrenaline junkies and nature lovers alike the chance to enjoy the Highland rapids with (or without) a paddle.

Canoeing in the Scottish Highlands

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