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Birding For Beginners: Bird Watching In The Scottish Highlands

Date published: 19/9/2017

As anyone who has ever looked at a snowflake under a microscope knows, nature does some of its best work in miniatures. It is why bird watching in the Scottish Highlands is so popular. There’s something bewitching about the intricate colours, unmistakable songs and unique characteristics of a tiny fluttering bird hidden away amongst the trees. So for any aspiring twitcher out there (that’s you), we thought we’d share some Eagle Brae tips to bird watching in the Scottish Highlands.

What About The Weather?

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Like everything else in Scotland, the weather plays an important role in bird watching in the Scottish Highlands. The long sunny days of summer means endless hours of birding. But the sparse autumn and winter foliage makes birds a little easier to spot. As the seasons change, so does the variety of birds you will see. Some of our favourite feathered friends flock south for the winter, while new arrivals take their place up north. With this constant exchange of fascinating birds to discover throughout the year, there is no bad time to enjoy bird watching in the Scottish Highlands. Just remember sunscreen in summer, warm woollies in winter and a sturdy pair of wellies or boots.

The Gear You Will Need

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You wouldn’t embark on a road trip without out a map or sat nav., just like you wouldn’t set out on a bird watching holiday without a trusty field guide. One that has pictures of each bird, their individual markings, maps of where to find them and when to find them. Next you will need something that makes far away things seem a little less far away. Obviously a good pair of binoculars is best. But if all you have is a pair of opera glasses or an extendable telescope you found among your grandfather’s things, they will do just fine too.

What To See At Eagle Brae?

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As the Highlands is teeming with birdlife, Eagle Brae and the surrounding Scottish Highlands is a bird watching haven. Most British raptors (impressive birds of prey) can be found at Eagle Brae. There are also some unusual ducks, divers, waders and foragers in the rivers, lochs and glens. Some of the key species to look out for when bird watching at Eagle Brae are: Golden Eagle, Crested Tit, Scottish Crossbill, Black Grouse, Hen Harrier, Reed Bunting, Osprey, Woodcock and Kingfisher!


So there you have it. Everything you need to know about bird watching in the Scottish Highlands with Eagle Brae. We hope to see you all geared up and ready to spot some of nature’s best miniature works soon.