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Birds of prey in Scotland

Date published: 18/1/2024

Birds of prey in Scotland

In the Scottish Highlands, where the land is wild and the views are amazing, it’s home to many types of birds of prey. Look out for birds of prey soaring in the skies over Eagle Brae. You can see the likes of golden eagles, buzzards, hen harriers, ospreys, goshawks, kestrels, merlins, red kites, sparrow hawks, peregrine falcons, barn owls and tawny owls. Let’s explore the world of these birds of prey in Scotland.

Golden Eagle

One of the most iconic birds in the Scottish Highlands is the Golden Eagle. With a wingspan that can reach up to 7 feet, these birds are true masters of the sky. As they glide along the mountaintops, you might catch a glimpse of their impressive aerial displays in search of their prey. Eagle Brae provides a front-row seat to witness the Golden Eagles, a spectacle that leaves visitors in awe.

Flying golden white tailed eagle with open wings attack landing swoop hand. Winter scene
Flying Golden Eagle.


Ospreys are another enchanting bird of prey in Scotland and are frequent visitors to the lochs and rivers surrounding Eagle Brae. You can often see Osprey at the River Glass right in front of Eagle Brae. These skilled fishers have impressive hunting prowess, diving from great heights to snatch their prey. The sight of an Osprey plunging into the water and emerging with a fish in its talons shows how they’ve learnt the best ways to survive over hundreds of years.

an osprey hunting a fish from the water
An Osprey hunting a fish from the water.

Red Kite

You can spot a Red Kite by its distinctive forked tails and beautiful feathers. Once on the brink of extinction in Scotland, conservation efforts have successfully revived their populations. Now these elegant birds soar above the landscape, adding a splash of colour to the wilderness and birds of prey in Scotland.

Red Kite displaying tail and wings.
Red Kite displaying tail and wings.

Peregrine Falcons

Peregrine falcons are the fastest-flying birds in the world and are often spotted patrolling the skies around Eagle Brae. With speeds that can exceed 240 miles per hour during a dive, these falcons are hunters, preying on other birds mid-flight. Witnessing a peregrine falcon’s breathtaking stoop is an amazing experience that shows how incredible these falcons are!

Adult Peregrine Falcon (Hayabusa) is diving at high speed to the prey.
Peregrine Falcon diving at high speed to the prey.

Owls in Scotland

Of course, we couldn’t forget the amazing species of owls in Scotland. Did you know owls come under the birds of prey bracket? There are five different kinds of owls in Scotland, the Barn Owl, Tawny Owl, Short-eared Owl, Long-eared Owl and the Snowy Owl. Each owl type has its special traits and lives in different parts of the country. Here at Eagle Brae, we’re fortunate to have Tawny Owls and a bunch of Barn Owls living close by.

Magnificent Barn Owl perched on a stump in the forest.
A magnificent Barn Owl perched on a stump in the forest.

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