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Get Hooked on Fishing in the Highlands

Date published: 22/3/2016

There’s a general rule of thumb when it comes to fishing in Scotland: drive 30 minutes in any direction and you will find a great place to fish. And while that rings true for pretty much all of Scotland, fishing in the Highlands is particularly renowned for its famous salmon rivers and wilderness trout lochs.

Salmon Fishing in the Highlands

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If you’re hoping a 5lb grilse is the catch of the day, Eagle Brae offers dual bank fishing on both the Rivers Farrar and Glass. Day permits allow you to cast away on one river in the morning, before changing tactics on the other for the afternoon session. Salmon fishing runs from June to 15 October for both rivers every year. However, anglers should note that Scotland’s new conservation regulations have enforced a mandatory catch and release programme to conserve wild salmon this year.

River Fishing For Brown Trout

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Both the Rivers Farrar and Glass have more than simply salmon in stock. They also offer fantastic brown trout fishing between April and July every year. The River Farrar is teaming with pan-sized trout, although the occasional monster still finds its way on to a few lucky fishermen’s lines. Since the River Glass has a large pike population (another fish sure to put up a good fight), it has fewer trout than the River Farrar but they tend to be quite a bit bigger.

Loch Fishing in the Highlands

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If you’re angling for brown trout and wading into rivers sounds like a lot of hard work, Loch Monar and Lochan Airidh Fhraoich are great alternatives for wild brown trout loch fishing. Eagle Brae offers exclusive day trips on Loch Monar with an experienced ghillie to help navigate the shallow, rocky waters and rising waves during high winds.

So whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or a budding fishing enthusiast, fishing in the Highlands has never been easier than with Eagle Brae. Just come on down and see for yourself. Tight lines.