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Is June the Best Month in the Highlands?

Date published: 5/4/2016

10 reasons why June might be the best month in the Scottish Highlands

June is traditionally a favourite month for many. It’s the first month of summer, it hosts the summer solstice, all the trees have finally got their leaves out and the weather is generally good! But there are some special reasons why June might be the best month in the Scottish Highlands. And a great time to visit us here at Eagle Brae log cabins.

1. Long Days

Everyone knows the longest day of the year is in June, but in the Highlands it’s even longer than other parts of the UK further south. In fact it hardly gets dark at all! It stays light until 11pm and even at 1am it isn’t properly dark. And then it gets light again at 3am! Given that there are so many great outdoors things to do in the Highlands, it makes June the best month in the Scottish Highlands for daylight hours to do everything you want to do in a day!

Aerial view of luxury turf roof log cabins near Beauly, Inverness-shire

2. Fewer Midges!

The Highlands is unfortunately also famous for a very annoying little bug called the midge or affectionately known and the midgee! In the later summer months, in certain places on still days, they can cloud in their thousands and ruin your day! They are especially bad on the west coast of Scotland.  Around Eagle Brae however, they only really come into full force July to September. So June is a rare chance to enjoy the better Highland weather without the onslaught of the midges.

3. Trout Fishing

The trout fishing only really hots up in the Highlands when the temperature warms and the fly life starts in May and June. Around Eagle Brae the trout go on the back foot when their bigger cousins the salmon arrive from the sea in July. This makes June the best month for trout fishing around Eagle Brae in both the lochs and the rivers.

Fly flies in a box, used for fly fishing

4. No Deer Stalking

The Scottish Highlands has an enormous population of red deer on the moorland and high hills that needs to be controlled by man now that the natural predators lynx, bear and the wolf are no more. This deer stalking takes place from July through to February every year. Although there are no trespassing laws in Scotland and anyone can walk anywhere any time of year, June is one of the best months because walkers can walk the hills in the knowledge there is no deer stalking going on.

5. Dolphin Spotting

The Moray Firth has the largest pod of bottlenose dolphins in the UK and they can be easily seen at close range from the shore at Chanonry Point at Rosemarkie on the Black Isle, just 40 mins drive from Eagle Brae. In fact Chanonry Point is reckoned to be the best place in UK to view dolphins from the shore. June is one of the best months in the Scottish Highlands to see them because the migrating salmon are starting to arrive back in the firth and the dolphins love the taste of salmon!

Dolphin leaping from the waters of the Moray Firth

6. Highland Cross

Every year in June hardy Highlanders compete in a gruelling race from west coast to east coast raising thousands of pounds for charity. The Highland Cross starts in Kintail in the west and finishes in Beauly in the east. A 20-mile run through the Highland hills followed by a 30-mile cycle right past the front entrance of Eagle Brae, finishing in Beauly. Its great fun to support and the action happens right on our doorstep!

7. Sunshine!

June is officially the sunniest month of the year. The Scottish Highlands isn’t famous for its good weather, so make the most of it when it is available! On average June has the highest number of sunshine hours per day than any other month in the Highlands. That’s got to make June a candidate for the best month in the Scottish Highlands.

Beautiful log cabin Strix on a summers day

8. Red Deer Calves

The wild red deer that live in and around the log cabins at Eagle Brae give birth to their calves in June. This makes June a great time of year in the Highlands, and especially at Eagle Brae, for wildlife lovers. Guests at Eagle Brae have a great chance of seeing a cute young deer calf with its mum grazing the flora in amongst the log cabins.

9. Munros

Munros are Scottish mountains over 3000ft. There are several around Eagle Brae in Glen Strathfarrar and Glen Affric. June is the best month in the Highlands to climb Munros for several reasons. The weather is normally good for walking and visibility, the daylight hours are long giving walkers plenty of time, the bugs are not yet out in full force like they are later in the year, the hunting season has not yet started and the snow is nearly all melted from the tops and the corries.

Sgurr na Lapaich in Glen Affric

10. Birds of Prey

June is one of the best months in the Highlands for spotting birds of prey. By June young birds have fledged the nests and are usually quite easy to spot, testing out their wings in the June sunshine thermals with their parents. Around Eagle Brae we have good populations of golden eagle, peregrine falcon, buzzard, hen harrier, osprey and red kites, all of which can be seen flying the Highland skies in June.

So, if this has whet your appetite for a June break in the Scottish Highlands, take a look at our beautiful log cabins and book a summer escape to Eagle Brae!

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