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What Goes In To Building Our Beautiful Log Cabins

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What Goes In To Building Our Beautiful Log Cabins

The Logs

Date published: 22/12/2016

All of our cabins are hand built by master craftsmen using the finest Western Red Cedar logs. Each log is sourced from a sustainably managed forest in British Columbia, Canada. It is carved, shaped and fitted together by hand, before being shipped across the Atlantic and reassembled at Eagle Brae. Each log is a different size and a different shape, and has been carefully made for one purpose – to fit together like one giant jigsaw puzzle. Since none of the logs go through a sawmill, they retain their natural beauty for that great authentic, chunky log cabin look our guests love.


The Cabins

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Inside, our cabins are every bit as spectacular. We’ve included as many little quirks as we could to add a bit of Eagle Brae charm to the interior. There are cool character shelves and knotty pieces sticking out of the logs. We also have some funky carvings on the actual rounds of the logs and along the stairs. And for that unique Eagle Brae touch, Mike and Pawana’s brother-in-law, Bickay, and a team of specialist wood carvers spent three years hand-carving all the wooden décor panels found throughout Eagle Brae.


The Added Extras

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Like everything else at Eagle Brae, nothing is mass-produced. All of the textiles are hand woven. Each cabin has a unique built-in/built-out outdoor table (it is pretty much an extension of the log cabin itself). A special kind of turf, mixed with wildflowers, has been grown for the roof. Mike even made the stag chandeliers by hand.

If it sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is. But, at the end of the day when all is said and done, we can honestly say it has been worth it.