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Birds of prey in Scotland

Date published: 18/1/2024

In the Scottish Highlands, where the land is wild and the views are amazing, it’s home to many types of birds of prey. Look out for birds of prey soaring in the skies over Eagle Brae. You can see the likes of golden eagles, buzzards, hen harriers...

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Things to do in Cannich

Date published:

Cannich is nestled at the head of two remote glens and is a great walking destination in the Scottish Highlands. This village is surrounded by the scenic slopes of Beinn a Chairein and positioned at the meeting point of Glen Cannich, Glen Affric and...

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A guide to Scottish Munros

Date published: 27/11/2023

Scottish Munros are a mountain in Scotland that stands at least 3,000 feet tall. These peaks are named after Sir Hugh Munro who first compiled a list of them in 1891. Munros are scattered across the stunning landscapes of Scotland...

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The changing colours of Scottish Mountain Hares

Date published: 30/5/2023

Have you ever heard of Scottish mountain hares? These elusive creatures are known for their unique coat that changes colour with the seasons. But why do they do this? What purpose does it serve? Let’s take a closer look at these...

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Best selling items in our Eagle Brae Shop

Date published: 29/5/2023

If you’re looking for something to take home when you visit Eagle Brae, you’re in luck. Our shop is fully stocked with wonderful, thoughtful gifts for you and your family. Unsure what to get? Why not try one of our best selling items?

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Our rare breeds

Date published: 28/3/2023

It’s not just the wildlife at Eagle Brae that we care deeply about here at Eagle Brae. Did you know that we have some rare livestock breeds too? We have a flock of Hebridean Sheep, a herd of Black Highland Cows and a passel of pedigree Berkshire pigs. All ...

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New year’s resolutions that are easy to keep at Eagle Brae

Date published: 12/12/2022

With the festive season well and truly upon us, there’s no better time to reflect on the year gone by. As 2017 draws to a close, thoughts turn to celebrating a brand-new year. So, what better way to kick-start 2018 than by making your New year’s ...

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Iconic views in the Scottish Highlands

Date published: 25/11/2021

What is the best view in Scotland? Well, there’s a stumper. Finding a general consensus is going to be impossible, and is the sort of question that sets Facebook groups on fire! However here at Eagle Brae, we don’t shirk in the face ...

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Eco-friendly holidays at Eagle Brae

Date published: 13/10/2021

While you may well be aware of the magnificent log homes of Eagle Brae, you might not know that we offer sustainable, eco-friendly holidays. So, here are some facts about our Highland hideaway and how we like to work with nature, not against it ...

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The eco-friendly western red cedar log cabin 

Date published: 16/12/2015

These days a lot of effort goes into designing more eco-friendly buildings for us to live, work or holiday in. But a building technique that has been around for hundreds of years may hold the key to a sustainable future. We’re talking about ...

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