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Home-Made Recipes from the Highland Hideaway

Date published: 6/7/2015

Here at our Highland Hideaway, Eagle Brae, we like to focus on bringing things back to nature. That means, having the means to switch off from the digital world (although, we do still have WiFi) and living in the moment. One of our services as such is our home-made prepared meals, inspired by our Himalayan roots.

Marrying Himalayan and Scottish culture together, we create our meals for guests that are nutritious, delicious and most importantly, sourced from only the best of local suppliers. Choose from a range of meats including wild venison – both red and roe, as well as our own rare-breed Berkshire pork, matured right here on site.

Highland Hideaway – Treats on our Menu

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Intrigued? Look no further – we’re sharing just a small snippet of some of the delicious meals on offer at our Highland Hideaway.

Himalayan Venison Curry

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Your taste buds will simply explode with this fusion of Highland and Himalayan ingredients. Sample Struy’s own venison, sliced and diced, complete with a dusting of Himalayan spices to give your tummy a treat gastronomic treat. This hearty and wholesome meal will nicely round off a day of hill-walking and exploring.

Great Glen Vegetarian Lasagne

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If meat isn’t quite your thing, then don’t fret. Our delicious Great Glen vegetarian lasagne is sure to put a smile on your face! Choc-a-block full of tasty vegetables, this dish is topped with the finest of Scots cheddar béchamel sauce. Pass us the fork!

Hebridean Crofter’s Pie

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This dish is a traditional lamb mince shepherd’s pie, composed of only the finest of ingredients; including our very own Eagle Brae rare breed western isles Hebridean lamb. There is no taste of the Highlands more authentic than our Crofter’s Pie!

Escaping to the Highland Hideaway

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Can’t wait to tuck into one of delicious home-made recipes? Escape to our Eagle Brae Highland Hideaway today and book one of our special offers!