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A guide to Scottish Munros

Date published: 27/11/2023

If you're up for an adventure right at your doorstep while staying at Eagle Brae, there are plenty of local Scottish Munros to explore.

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Film & TV locations to visit near Eagle Brae

Date published:

Welcome to the magic of the Scottish Highlands film locations, where the stunning landscapes and historic spots become the backdrop for some of your favourite films and TV shows.

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Scottish traditions at Christmas and Hogmanay

Date published:

Welcome to the magic of the Scottish Highlands Film Locations, where the stunning landscapes and historic spots become the backdrop for some of your favourite films and TV shows.

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What’s the weather like in the Scottish Highlands?

Date published: 23/11/2023

The Highlands is a place of magnificent scenery and drama. And no matter the season, the Scottish Highlands weather brings an added element of natural beauty. Being so far north, the Highlands get a dramatic range of weather you may ...

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Castles to visit near Eagle Brae

Date published: 31/10/2023

Scotland is known for its history; part of that is the many castles dotted around the scenic Scottish countryside. Take a closer look . . .

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A romantic escape to Eagle Brae

Date published: 24/10/2023

Here at Eagle Brae, you can enjoy romantic getaways in Scotland whilst being surrounded by nature and wildlife. So, if you’re looking to plan a special surprise for your loved one this Valentine's Day, here are a few reasons to book your stay with us ...

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The magnificent area surrounding Eagle Brae

Date published: 23/10/2023

A lot of people are put off by stunning locations that are hard to reach. But thankfully Eagle Brae manages to be the former while avoiding the latter! Set in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, an area famed for its wild glens, sweeping vistas and ...

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Your next family gathering

Date published: 19/10/2023

Eagle Brae in the Highlands is one destination that will make sure everyone remembers your family gathering for all the right reasons.

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Driving in the Scottish Highlands

Date published: 12/9/2023

Many of our guests choose to drive to Eagle Brae, whether they bring their own vehicle, or hire one on arrival in Inverness. Our hilltop location in the Scottish Highlands is around 40 minutes from Inverness, and it’s a beautiful journey driving ...

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Exploring Scotland on long-haul holidays

Date published: 11/9/2023

Today, we're sharing some information for our visitors from far-off locations such as the USA, Canada, China and Australia. Often, long-haul visitors will come to Scotland for two weeks or more and stay with us as part of a wider trip...

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Eagle Brae’s 10th birthday

Date published: 5/9/2023

We recently celebrated a big birthday here at Eagle Brae. It's been an incredible 10 years since we first opened our unique log cabin village. In August 2013, after eight years in the making, our first seven log cabins opened to guests. We now...

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The grand reopening of Inverness Castle

Date published: 22/8/2023

Anyone who has visited Inverness will recognize the structure that is Inverness Castle. Having served various purposes throughout its years, Inverness Castle is currently under reconstruction and remodelling. Now, it is getting ready...

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What to expect at Eden Court, Inverness

Date published: 21/8/2023

Eden Court is Scotland’s largest combined arts organisation. Formed of three connected buildings on the River Ness, it has Category A listed status. And it is one of only around 50 post-war buildings to be awarded that status. The buildings have two ...

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The Eagle Brae distance sign

Date published: 31/7/2023

The Eagle Brae distance sign is located right in the centre of our log cabin village, on the mound. It has a weird and wonderful mixture of destinations. Some of the places have connections with Eagle Brae, some are key locations in mankind’s...

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Discover the north side of Loch Ness

Date published: 14/7/2023

Last time we brought you our guide to the south side of Loch Ness, so today we're focusing on the north side. This is where the better-known attractions tend to be. It's also the closest side to our Eagle Brae cabins and makes a great day trip for our ...

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Experience Scottish culture and traditions

Date published: 13/7/2023

Scotland is a country rich in history and tradition. Here at Eagle Brae log cabin village, we bring you an authentic Scottish Highlands experience. If you're looking to soak up Scottish culture and customs during your stay with us, here are...

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Discover your Scottish ancestry in the Highlands

Date published: 26/6/2023

We often welcome guests from the USA, Canada, Australia and around the world, eager to discover more about their Scottish ancestry. Staying at Eagle Brae, our remote log cabin resort in the Highlands of Scotland, you can explore unspoilt...

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A day trip to Inverness

Date published: 5/6/2023

The wonderful city of Inverness is just a 40-minute drive from Eagle Brae. If you're looking for day trips during your stay with us, we highly recommend a visit to the capital of the Highlands. This historic city in the Scottish Highlands is full of...

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The changing colours of Scottish Mountain Hares

Date published: 30/5/2023

Have you ever heard of Scottish mountain hares? These elusive creatures are known for their unique coat that changes colour with the seasons. But why do they do this? What purpose does it serve? Let’s take a closer look at these...

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A visit to Plodda Falls

Date published: 23/4/2023

Plodda Falls – or Eas Ploda in Gaelic – is an incredibly beautiful waterfall in the Highlands and is a hidden gem. With a wooden viewing platform and stunning greenery dotted along the top of the dramatic cliff faces, the falls are truly a ...

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Eagle Brae influencer and blogger visits

Date published: 18/4/2023

Our log cabin village, nestled on a hilltop in the Scottish Highlands, is a five-star holiday destination with the WOW factor. Cosy cabins, quirky details, high-end luxury, abundant wildlife and magnificent Highland views make this a place that ...

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Our rare breeds

Date published: 28/3/2023

It’s not just the wildlife at Eagle Brae that we care deeply about here at Eagle Brae. Did you know that we have some rare livestock breeds too? We have a flock of Hebridean Sheep, a herd of Black Highland Cows and a passel of pedigree Berkshire pigs. All ...

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Eagle Brae guest reviews

Date published: 16/2/2023

Here at Eagle Brae, we strive to provide the very best holiday experience for our guests. We are always interested in reading guest reviews. We use them to check what we are doing right for our guests, and where we could make...

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Spotting bottlenose dolphins in Scotland

Date published: 10/11/2022

Scotland is a magical holiday destination for wildlife lovers. Exploring our magnificent Highland landscapes, you'll find a wide variety of animals in the skies, on the land and in the waters. Ospreys, otters, salmon, kingfishers, pine martens...

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