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An Eagle Brae Highland Winter

Date published: 16/1/2021

A Highland winter here at Eagle Brae means many things. Highland snow is most certainly one of them! However, if you are looking for winter breaks in Scotland, then spending time in our stunning luxury lodges will make your holiday even more magical. There’s plenty to see and do, including wildlife watching, monster hunting and relaxing with a fine meal. 

Highland winter wildlife

log cabin and deer in the snow at Eagle Brae

A Scottish winter here at Eagle Brae is one of wrapping up warm and exploring a quiet and enchanting countryside. Of course, we can’t guarantee snow, but we can always guarantee a warm welcome here. And although the trees are asleep and the air is frosty. there’s still plenty to see. Birds chatter all around and our resident wildlife of deer, squirrels and badgers can all still be spotted. 

Explore further and you might be very lucky and glimpse a ptarmigan or arctic hare. In winter, they blend in with the snow, so you have to be exceptionally patient if you want to see them. 

You can also head to nearby lochs or the coast to see the amazing amount of birds that stay with us over the cold months. And head over to the Moray Firth to see the UK’s most northerly population of bottlenose dolphins. 

Scotland in winter

Snow at Eagle Brae in the Scottish highlands

Whilst some attractions close or run limited operating hours in the winter, there are still plenty of cafes, pubs and restaurants open. They will let you taste the drink and food of Scotland year-round. Beauly and Muir of Ord, just north of Eagle Brae, offer such treats. And of course, Inverness is not far away either. This city offers everything you would expect, including shopping centres, cinemas and tourist attractions. 

Nearby Loch Ness is also worth a visit every time you visit. It’s often calm and still, but wintery winds can whip up some waves. At least, they might be waves – or could they be the Loch Ness Monster? If it’s all a bit too cold though, you can take in the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition. It’s open all year round and is a great place to visit during your Scotland winter holiday. 

Eagle Brae Highland winter activities

highland winter pony trekking at Eagle Brae

We offer plenty of winter activities to our guests so that the outdoors can be enjoyed during this stunning time of year. These range from winter pony trekking to dog sledding to clay pigeon shooting. Have a look at our activities page to see our full range.

Get in touch to book your winter activity during your stay at Eagle Brae!

Bright days, beautiful nights

The sun in Scottish winters can feel just as bright as during summer ones. It’s low in the sky, meaning it’s the perfect time for photographers to catch glorious images with natural light. We often have bright blue skies, and on frosty mornings it can feel as though you are in an ice kingdom! 

Nights can be just as stunning when the skies are clear. You can see thousands of stars from Eagle Brae – and more if you have binoculars or a telescope. For those used to city living, seeing the sky at night here can be quite a revelation. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Northern Lights. These dancing lights, created when solar wind from the sun hits the Earth’s magnetic field, make the sky glow. But they are rare and you need just the right conditions during a Highland winter.

A car covered in snow at Eagle Brae

And if it does snow…

If it does snow when you’re here, then you are in for an extra treat. It blankets the ground making an already beautiful landscape seem other-worldly. It’s a great chance to go track hunting – see what animals have been around your lodge by identifying their footprints in the snow. 

And of course there’s plenty of open space to build all kinds of snowpeople, snowanimals and snowmonsters!

If you’re looking to spend some time in winter lodges in Scotland, then come to Eagle Brae for a luxurious stay in the beautiful Highlands. A Highland winter is a beautiful thing to experience – so come and experience it in style with us. Get in touch to book your stay with us!