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3 Tips for Kayaking at Eagle Brae

Date published: 13/4/2016

Nestled away between the Rivers Farrar and Glass, Eagle Brae is perfectly positioned to offer kayaking to all our adventure-loving, adrenaline-pumping guests. And who wouldn’t want to go kayaking in the Highlands? With meandering rivers, beautiful lochs and breath-taking scenery, it’s impossible not to want to grab a paddle and take on the raging rapids of the River Farrar or glide along the River Glass. But as any seasoned kayaker will tell you, kayaking is a lot harder than it looks.

Kayaking is a constant battle between your ability to propel yourself forward across a large body of water and your desire to remain dry while doing so. It’s an intricate dance of skill, cunning and co-ordination between a person, their paddle and their boat. So to help all our guests master the art of kayaking, we’ve put together our top three tips for kayaking at Eagle Brae.

Dress the Part

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Scotland isn’t exactly known for warm breezes and sunshine-filled days. Sure we get the occasional solar breakthrough, but unless it’s the beautiful month of June, chances are you’re in for a chilly/cloudy day. And while it’s tempting to layer up, it’s important to dress for the water, not the weather. So when it comes to tips for kayaking in the Highlands, we can’t underestimate the value of quick-dry clothing, sturdy shoes and (if you’re lucky enough for the sun to make an appearance) something to block out the sun.

Be Realistic

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If it’s your first time kayaking, we don’t recommend starting out on the fast, tumbling pools of the River Farrar. Not unless you want to spend the entire day fishing yourself out from within its rapids. While meandering along the slow, steady waters of the River Glass may not look as cool as taking on the fast-flowing, turbulent rapids, it’s probably the best place to start. Once you’ve master the dynamics of balance, boat and paddle, it’s easy to move on to wilder waters.

Think Safety First

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Whether you’re a paddling novice or an experienced kayaker, your safety is the most important thing to us. It’s why we always put your safety first by encouraging you to brush up on safety tips for kayaking before taking to the water. For the more experienced paddlers, we can hire any equipment you need to take on more tempestuous waters safely and with complete peace of mind.

So there you have it. Our three top tips to kayaking in the Highlands. See you on the water.